Hey there, Healthy girls on the go!! I hope you all are having a great week and kicking booty in work, play, and of course keeping up with your HEALTH. I just got a new bikini yesterday and it gave me a mini meltdown that in the next month I need to be BIKINI READY.

NOT, that I think you all should be freaking out by any means-I mean you all are SMOKE SHOWS- but I know that a little extra exercise and some healthy meal swaps may make BIKINI SEASON a little more fun.

So here is a little somethin’ to help you get started…

Workout Playlist

My number one motivation when getting a good workout in is having a KILLER PLAYLIST. Lately, most likely because it’s my sisters and husbands favorite I have been super into good HOUSE MUSIC. So excuse the mix of house, pop, and country JUST THINK- it makes you run faster and get lower in your squats 😉

You guys I just CAN’T with these new workout pants that Zacky ordered me- not gunna lie little outfits like this ACTUALLY do make working out a little more enjoyable. In case you wanna SHOP this WORKOUT ATTIRE I have linked everything from my shoes to this cute little bralette when wearing for ATHLEISURE purposes.

Shop This Look:

Love bugs, I am a SUPER beginner when it comes to the workout world, but I am going to start sharing some of my workouts and and eating plans more often on here. They will be short BUT sweet (the HEALTHY kind of sweet) but maybe you can throw them in your workout or eating routine when needed! Be sure to follow on snapchat (you can find me by DESIREFALK) and weekly healthy girl on the go posts with any helpful tips that I find useful getting ready for SUMMER.

Let me know if you have any good songs I should add to my list,

Cheers, Darlings!