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Darlings, we can’t properly LOVE the people around us unless we are LOVING OURSELVES. It was just recently that I decided to PRIORITIZE my mental health and make time to really make sure I was rested, de-stressed, and well THE BEST VERSION of myself that I can be. 

Since I graduated college I have been prioritizing my health, which sorta has a list to it…you know; eat your share of greens, get sweaty on the regular, wear your sunscreen, and don’t skip out on your regular check ups.

Mental health seems like this zen thing that is just natural for some and hard to understand for the rest of us…but honestly what I have found lately is that it’s just like how I view good health, everyone has I guess just their own steps and processes to make mental health a priority.

I think yours may be totally different from mine, but I have had a friend working with me the last but on mine and I thought maybe what I do might help YOU!

Darlings, taking care of yourself makes you a better person to the world around you…

Mental Health Tips:

Meditation Time

Your meditation time can be yoga, it can be some breathing exercises, listening to music, sitting in silence, or saying your prayers. I think it’s just about taking a moment to just breathe, realize your stresses really aren’t the end of the world, and set a good intention for the day!

Don’t be afraid to say, “NO”

When you let yourself say, “no” to things- even the stuff sometimes you want to go too. because then the times you say, “yes” you REALLY get to enjoy them. Darlings, “no” is healthy sometimes!

Read, “Present Over Perfect

This book has been such a great guideline to carrying about your mental health. It’s a super easy read that makes for a great start to your morning.


I never understood taking a day of rest- well I always understood it, but I  I thought it was impossible, haha. You guys, it’s a game changer!

I HIGHLY recommend starting with a devotional of some sort to just take time to read everyday. I have been reading, “Present Over Perfect” with a girlfriend of mine and it really focuses on prioritizing what YOU need. It was a great FIRST STEP to working on mental health everyday because I would just take 10 minutes to read a few pages.

It has turned into more than just reading a few pages every morning but it was this TANGIBLE start that I was able to make when I was still super confused on Mental health.

Right now, my life is so much more centered, I am more patient, when I am hanging around with friends or family I am more present, and I feel so much less stressed and more rested. It’s crazy how taking care of yourself has SO MANY benefits and everyone around you will be thankful too! 

Darlings, you were meant to live a life in the FULLEST version of who you are but this world is messy and life gets tough so you have to take time to WORK ON YOURSELF. Take time to say your prayers or meditate with your morning coffee, be excited about your, “yes’ but don’t get down on yourself when you need to say, “no”, prioritizing yourself isn’t being selfish because you will be better to everyone else once you are OKAY! 

Cheers, Darlings! 

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