Let’s be a little more free-spirited this summer, darlings!

I don’t know about all of you lovelies, but I am way more of a type A person than I am a “let loose” type of person. Sometimes my to-do’s and my planner get in the way of impromptu rendezvous but hey- it’s summer so there are ACTUALLY benefits to just letting go a bit. 

Allowing ourselves to use track of time occasional, to choose sunny days out of the office over making that extra bonus, or to just let yourself dance the night away without regards to who is there. As little or big as it might be, letting go is good for your overall productivity, I mean why do you think we have weekends? Because sometimes a little break can actually make us MORE productive when we get back to work. 

All these frolicking photos were done with Brittany Renee Photography and the lovely, Emily Theo. And yes, dancing around had me burning calories and feeling STRESS-FREE. 

But Darlings, I also know how hard it can be to let go- sometimes I act like I can’t relax because in the back of my mind there is a giant list of things that I could be doing with that time, so here are a few ideas to get the ideas rolling.

1. SLEEP IN, for like once in your life, promise pressing snooze won’t kill you. Sometimes all you need is a little extra Zzzz’s.

2. Blast some music and DANCE a little. Whether it’s in the kitchen while you do dishes or a night out on the town with your girls jump around a little and don’t care if you are a little off beat

3. UNPLUG a little. Leave your phone behind next time you go for a hike leave your phone behind, maybe the next happy hour date you have with friends make it a no phone rule at the table. Sometimes a little time without our cells is just what our minds need.

4. Let yourself just say YES. be a yes girl the rest of this summer, agree to trips and events you normally wouldn’t! GO out on that date, take the camping trip, ride the jet ski, and yes- seconds for dessert is OKAY! Saying yes to things, is another way of being more of a free-spirit, going along with other peoples plans even if they aren’t exactly what you normally do.

5. STOP being SO HARD ON YOURSELF. If you don’t get everything on the to-do list done then let it go, and do it the next day! If someone does something to offend you try your hardest to just breath and move on.

I know for me, things have just been CRAZY this summer, my schedule seemed to get busier even though all I wanted to do was lay out and get the perfect tan. So my goal for the remaining of summer time is to just breathe and let the little things go, to really take time for me and for the things that make my heart and mind happy- and not gunna lie I’m gunna put my phone away more and say yes to as many things as I can 😉

Wishing you the best of weeks, full of random dance parties and happy hours that you loose track of the time,

Cheers, Darlings!