I love taking the month of May to challenge myself to keep working at creating a life that I am not only PROUD of but that I LOVE and that truly makes me happy. Darlings, with each passing year I am learning that happiness is something we create, and that we have to WORK at- so self reflecting and taking time to evaluate the good and the bad in your life is KEY. 

I choose MAY…because well, it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH- so why the flip not, right?! 😉

A little list of things I want to do for ME…some of them are just fun, some are de-stressers, some are health related and some might be UN-healthy in other opinions- BUT all are things that I think will be good for ME this year…


Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing Frame and Partners, maxi dress, spring fashion, self help, inspiration

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing Free People sunglasses, Frame and Partners, summer fashion, maxi dress

I want to READ more

…in honor of this one I just grabbed a new book and I want to finish before my birthday. Sweetbitter…is what it’s called and apparently it’s gunna make me wanna be in NYC sipping wine and eating good food the WHOLE time…pretty fitting since I will be in NYC for my birthday!


I used to do yoga almost EVERY day, and since I moved to Denver I still workout but I make WAY less time for things like yoga and pilates and well- it’s just not okay!! My body responds to both of these workouts SO well and I want to make more time for both! I am talking some good hot yoga sessions to work on posture, detoxing, and meditation and also some hard reformer Pilate classes to kick my little booty into shape while also working on the mental hardness of the class. Current favorite Pilates studio?? TRANSFORM Colorado…check them out, darlings!

Stop Over PACKING my Schedule

It’s like the oldest rule in the book…your “YES’ should be Yes’ and your No’s be No’s” But I still tend to say yes to just everything that sounds fun or that I feel obligated to and end up being spread too thin…Darlings, lets be PRESENT. Let’s be someone who puts the phone down when we are with our girls, and someone who is DEDICATED to what they do…that’s the type of women I want to be. So it starts with creating a daily schedule that allows me to be the best ME I can be.

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing maxi dress, Frame and Partners, spring fashion

Stop Feeling GUILTY

Sometimes I think if it’s a Thursday and I stayed out later than expected drinking wine with my girls that I am SUCH A SLACKER. Running your own business is amazing but sometimes it makes it hard to give yourself a break, so when I am out having fun on a weekday when I know I could be working I get myself SO STRESSED. But, love bugs  enjoying your time(even during the week) is SO important, and if that means I gotta wake up a touch earlier or do a few things Saturday morning I should not be feeling so guilty for having FUN. I know so many of my friends deal with similar feelings so let’s cut ourselves some slack!

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Take time to really LOVE on the people around me

I am so lucky to have the friends and family that I do, and I hate when I don’t have enough time to spend QUALITY time with each and every one of them or at least be completely present. I want to start making time for my loved ones because when I take the time to really be there with my people it ends up enriching MY life too, I call it my “good for the soul time” and I think my soul needs more of it.

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing Free People, Mirrored sunglasses, maxi dress, Frame and Partners

My loves, it’s so important to make time to work on yourself- or to not…sometimes it’s about giving yourself a break. Say yes, to the second glass of wine, but then tomorrow go to hot yoga instead of watching tv, reevaluate your schedule so you can really be present with your favorite people, and for heavens sake let’s give ourselves some GRACE. 

Cheers, Darlings! 

Ps, this little maxi is from Fame and Partners and I am IN LOVE. Check them out 😉

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