This was my second time to Punta Mita, and BOTH times we have been so lucky to travel with people who know the area and have planned some of the best itineraries. After replying to direct messages on Instagram I decided a little travel post about what we did, where we stayed, where we ate, and what I packed was A MUST.

I am no expert to Punta Mita but I must say the handful of things that we did because of our friends amazing planning was perfect for a good balance of relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery and great food this cute little town has to offer!

A little disclaimer for this post:

Both times I have been we went with a group of friends and all wanted a very good balance of activities and also doing NOTHING! haha. So this is in no way an “adventurers guide to Punta Mita”- its a travel guide for a group or couple who wants to eat at a few of the best restaurants, watch the sunset in pretty places, nap in a hammock and find cozy corners to have cocktails and read your favorite book!

Now, who’s ready for the low down…

How We Got There

As many of you know, we are currently living in Denver, Colorado so there is a direct flight to Puerto Vallarta that is only about 3 hours long! The perfect amount of time even if your getaway has to be quick. Then it’s a super quick drive to Punta Mita-about 30-40 minutes. Both times we have stayed we have booked a car for our group that was waiting for us at the airport (with beers in hand! haha) But we also had a couple come in later than us this trip and they took a taxi for less than half of the price of our car so there are for sure options!

Where We Stayed

The first time we went to Punta Mita we stayed through Inspirato- which is wonderful because of everything they take care of! This time we did not go through Inspirato because they were already all taken for this weekend but we still stayed in Los Veneros which is where the Inpsirato homes are as well! It is basically the same property as the W Hotel. When you stay in these places you also get concierge services like someone to text when you need more groceries, if there is ever an issue, someone to arrange all the rides, and also you have cleaners daily.

Los Veneros Punta Mita

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Los Veneros Punta mita, Punta Mita Travel Guide

Punta Mita Travel Guide, What To DO IN Punta Mita

Favorite Food Spots

So both trips I have been on we wanted a mix of eating at home and eating out. Because let’s be honest after a long day in the sun sometimes you don’t want to get dressed and go to dinner- so nice to have a mix! Both trips we were there for four nights so with the help of our friends who know the area really well chose TWO nights out and then two nights in.

So let’s start with restaurant favorites…



Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Punta Mita Travel Guide, Sufi, Punta Mita Food Guide

This place is UNREAL. The food and the ambience is all to die for- we actually came here BOTH trips and everyone we have ever talked to about this place has agreed it’s so WORTH IT. It is a little tricky to make a reservation, so now you have to be staying at one of the surrounding hotels like The Four Season or St. Regis-so we had to ask our friends who were staying at the St. Regis to book it for us. Obviously, this is kind of a pain but if you stay in one of these hotels it would be super easy or just ask wherever you are staying for some insider tips! Because once you taste the risotto or the fish tacos and sip your cocktail while watching this sunset you will see why it was so worth it!

Sufi in Punta Mita, Punta Mita Travel Guide

Best Food in Punta Mita, Sufi, Mexico Travel Guide

Best Sunsets in Punta Mita, Punta Mita Travel Guide

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Punta Mita Travel Guide, Sufi

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Punta Mita Travel Guide, Sufi, Best Sunsets in Punta Mita

Si Senor

This was one of the highlights of this last week- this restaurant is not only adorable but the service is perfection and the FOOD IS OUT OF THIS WORLD. We got turned on to it from one of the couples that went on the trip and we can not say enough good things- this is a MUST if you are in Punta Mita. Some of the best lobster and margaritas that we have ever had. It was a few peoples birthdays on the trip and we had full blown mariachis singing Feliz Cumpleanos! haha, so fun!

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Punta Mita Travel Guide, Punta Mita Food Guide, Si Señor

The Four Seasons

We went to The Four Seasons the first trip we went on to Punta Mita to celebrate one of our good friends birthdays- the property is STUNNING! And you can hear the waves crashing from your table and per usual service and foods is up to The Four Seasons standards. I would 100% recommend if celebrating something special or if you were able to book one of the tables that is right on the sand! Ahh, those views just can’t be beat.

The W Hotel

We stayed in the houses right next to The W Hotel for both trips.The food at the W Hotel is so yummy! I’m not the biggest fan of their Spice Market Restaurant but their other more casual food spot and their outdoor truck bar is SO GOOD! Not the fastest service, (haha Island Time for sure) but their tacos, quesadilla and ceviche are SO BOMB- oh and did I mention they have drinks in coconuts?! Best photo op ever! We did the Truck Bar- this little free standing bar on the sand multiple times for snacks and drinks throughout our trip and we did the lunch spot once BOTH trips and had such great experiences! And we also ordered some really good late night pizza from them as well.

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Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Punta Mita Travel Guide, W Hotel Punta Mita, W Hotel

W Hotel Punta Mita

Best Places To Hangout in Punta Mita, Punta Mita Travel Guide, W Hotel

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Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Punta Mita Travel Guide

For food the rest of the trip we…


We had a chef come in every morning of the trip it ranged from huevos rancheros to french toast- and it was so affordable! I believe it was $40 a day after tip for all 8 of us! This was a perfect option because everyone could sleep as long as they wanted. This was arranged through the Los Veneros and made our life so easy because they shopped for those groceries as well.

Other Two Dinners:

The first night we got to Punta Mita we cooked ourselves- so we had our driver from the airport stop by the store so all the girls could grab food for one dinner and snacks/lunches and then the boys were in charge of the alcohol. Such a fun affordable way to have a stocked fridge of everything you would want.

So the first night we made fajitas and the other night we actually did a private chef again- for dinner it’s a little pricer it ended up being $50 a person but that included a fresh margarita, the entire meal (we had a fresh salad, lobster pasta, and dessert!) and they cleaned up after! Seemed so fancy! haha

Favorite Place to Watch The Sunset

This was literally one of the highlights of the trip for me- everyday we made it a point to watch the sunset whether that be from somewhere fancy or just walking down to the beach from our place.

Our friends arranged for us to go to Imanta Resorts for sunset and cocktails one of the nights of the trip. This was A EXPERIENCE- like babes, I’m talking magical. We had a car come and pick us up and it drove us to this totally exclusive resort and dropped us off at the prettiest location then golf carts took us to another area where we walked up a few flights of stairs to the prettiest rooftop view I have ever seen!

As far as making a reservation, our friends who went here before to release turtles (you can do this when its a certain time of year- wasn’t while we were there though!) emailed the resort and let them know we were coming for drinks and apps and to be expecting us- so we had people greeting us as soon as our car got there- so special!

Imanta Resorts Punta Mita, Punta Mita Travel Guide

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Imanta Resorts Punta Mita, Punta Mita Travel Guide

What I Packed

I LOVE packing for beach vacations- for starters the clothes are just less bulky so I feel like I can bring ALL the things, haha.

As far as beauty products here is a link to my full blog post of all the hair and makeup products I brought to be beach ready.

Beach Beauty Essentials Post 

Then here is just a little easy way to shop most of the pieces I brought and accessories:

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Beach Essentials. What to pack your next beach vacation

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Punta Mita Travel Guide

I mainly just packed my favorite bathing suits and little cover ups and sandals! I wanted to feel cute but super comfy the whole trip! 

My loves, Punta Mita is SO much fun- if you are thinking about planning a trip I highly recommended- I mean I’m already trying to convince Zack we need to go back! haha 

Please let me know if I missed anything that you have questions about or if I can help at all! 

Gosh, let’s vacation more…

Cheers, Darlings!