Hi gorgeous! Thank you all so much for following along on all my travels recently, I loved all your feedback on pics, outfits, and getting all your questions about each of the places…made my travel writing WAY MORE FUN! 

One thing that I learned on my last three travels is the importance of making things AS EASY ON YOURSELF AS POSSIBLE…you know, like use CLEAR at the airport, splurge for an Uber if it’s raining cats and dogs, pack in roller bags, make reservations, and MOST RECENTLY I added…

Minimize Your Beauty Routine As Much As Possible

Darlings, I loved taking pics and planning cute outfits for all of our travel destinations- BUT I hate spending too long getting ready. Once I knew I had three back to back trips I planned accordingly and I must say it MADE THE WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE. So here is a little list of the few things I did to keep myself feeling cute but spending less time getting ready and more time having fun!

Beauty Travel Secrets


Lovelies, I have been ranting and raving about how much I have grown to love my ONCE A MONTH dermaplaning facials from Glosshouz and I must say I think I fell more in love with them after having one in between my NYC fashion week trip and my Mexico trip. I did wear quite a bit more makeup for fashion week so squeezing in a quick facial felt like I got a deep clean and exfoliation that my skin needed to be glowy and ready for LESS makeup in Mexico- not to mention my skin was so smooth and hair-less! (which obviously is so comforting when you are in such magnifying sunlight).

Glosshouz does such a wonderful job with really focusing on WHAT YOU NEED, so when I let them know, I was worried about my skincare after NYC and wanted to look glowy- they really took time to deep clean and make sure nothing was backed up from my makeup before and that my skin was flawless for Mexico! 

Eyelash Extensions

You guys- I GOT EYELASH EXTENSTIONS! ahh, I always thought I would wait for lash extensions till my life was just , “TOO BUSY TO PUT ON FAKE LASHES” haha, but after some debate and chatting with my girls at Glamour Bar Denver I decided to give it a go for Mexico. I knew that I wanted to have such an effortless beauty routine while I was there and darlings, you LEGIT, WAKE UP LIKE THIS. They truly are a game changer. I went a little more dramatic with my set and it was just the perfect way to just just throw on a little sunscreen and go! I am currently going into my third week of having my first set and I must say I think they are addicting BUT I also think they are coming out very naturally and I think it would be fine if you just wanted them for a specific trip and then to go back to your naturals. I am going to get mine filled again at least once more- to really give it a full review. If you are thinking about it and IN the Denver area, Ashley from Glamour Bar is a lash queen and I would recommend her ANYDAY.

BUT REMEMBER, NO OIL CAN BE USED ON YOUR LASHES AND IT’S A LITTLE BETTER FOR THEM NOT TO BE SUBMERGED UNDER WATER A TON. I did go under water a few times but no like snorkeling or anything like that- and mine still look great! And I just switched up my makeup remover and nothing else has had a problem. 

Effortless Makeup

I mean if we are going to really focus in on making the whole GETTING READY PROCESS simplified we for sure gotta hit Makeup Essentials- I full on condensed my makeup bag to just be a tad more effortless. Darlings, I got the products for you- just my FAVORITE tinted moisturizer, best concealer EVER, highlight, bronzer, blush, and brow pencil. This makeup routine should take you NO LONGER THAN 10 minutes.

Spray Tan

I mean like, do you really need an explanation on why a spray tan is necessary before like every trip?! haha! It’s like, you feel skinnier, prettier, pics look better, you look healthier, and with a spray tan you require LESS makeup- which I am ALL ABOUT! I did my last spray tan with Glamour Bar Denver as well.

My only advice is, to have a custom airbrush not a machine, and to tan for the occasion. For example, when I went to NYC I didn’t go super dark because like it’s snowing there and no reason to look like I should be at beach not fashion week, but for Mexico I went pretty tan!


Honestly, you all know I LOVE lipstick but I mean lipgloss is kinda amazing because let’s say heaven forbid there isn’t a mirror around a quick blind apply probably won’t kill you. So I vote to pack a long wear, hydrating liquid lip color, and a couple glosses! These are what I packed…PS don’t be scared of the metallic it’s so subtle and BEST THING EVER and looks great over the long wear lip color as well! 

Face Masks

Take care of your pretty little skin at night my loves, and then you will wake up pretty! I love a good hydrating sheet mask, and I always travel with my favorite cucumber mask UNDER my makeup. But I think it’s great to use a good moisturizer day and night as well, along with under eye masks make a WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE for me! So I linked a few of my favorite things below, that I literally PACK WITH ME EVERY TRIP!

Oh, and as far as the rest of your body- I would just say keep moisturized all over so your spray tan lasts!! 

Eyelash Extensions

I love to travel, and after trying out these beauty tricks while on my last back to back adventures I am a firm believer in simplifying. Please, let me know if you have ANY questions on anything, but everything I mentioned about I ACTUALLY used on all three trips and I think made SUCH A BIG difference. 

Traveling should be more effortless, right?? 😉

Cheers, Darlings! 


Dermaplaning Facts