A year ago at this time I was at my wedding rehearsal “pretend” walking down the aisle to marry the cutest person on this planet. This weekend is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY and I can hardly believe how fast it flew by. So today just for the FUN of it I thought I’d share with you, MY BEST DAY EVER. The who, what, when, where , why, and how of our wedding so you feel like you were there- and I get to have fun going down memory lane.


A guy and girl. Pretend Prince and Princess. Divo and Diva. Two little messes making a love story. A simple Zack and a Des.

Zack wore the Classiest (hottest haha) White and Black Tux EVER

I wore my favorite dress inspired by one of Blair Waldorf’s dresses, and as close to a tiara as I would go, and Cinderella Tory Burch shoes- courtesy of my ever so hip Mother.


Our dream wedding. Eight months of planning (lets get real ladies it starts at age 5 so a lot longer than that) led to what we liked to refer to as, the best day ever. But then you realize everyday after the wedding is pretty dang good too. Here is our video to give you a little more about WHAT actually went down.


Hands down we knew it needed to be outside and sunny, but we couldn’t wait any longer. So March 2ndit was- we were scared for rain but because of many prayers and God always spoiling me– we got sunny clear skies on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.


Superstition Mountain Country Club, in Arizona took our breath away. I never believed it to be true but for us, it was- we knew when we stepped foot on their lawn and seen the mountains as the backdrop that it was the perfect place for us to get married.


Because life without the other wouldn’t be life… it would be this sorry excuse for one.  Getting married was a choice then and it is every single day but I couldn’t be happier with who I chose and the gift that it is for him to choose me.

We had our Bridal Party walk down to “Walls”, I walked down to “Skinny Love” and Zack and I had our first dance to “Drunk on You”- here they are just in case you want to take a listen:)


With a proposal inspired from fairytales and the tradition of getting down on one knee there was no way this girl could ever say no. The wedding itself could not have happened without all the help from our families and friends- lets just say if you want to get jealous just meet our family and friends- because they are just that awesome.

I hope that this little recap gave you a little more of an idea of me and one of the biggest parts of my life. Now, we are off to Arizona to visit where we got married!!! I couldn’t be more excited- Have a happy Friday my loves!

Cheers, Darlings!