Healthy Girl On The Go Rainbow Roll Recipe, Rainbow Roll, Vegan Lunch Ideas

I mean, I have a BLOG…it’s no secret I can be PRETTY DANG basic. I am all about going to cute vegan food spots, I drink almond milk with my coffee, YES I TOO LOVE BRUSSELS SPROUTS, but…

Dude, sometimes eating veggies feels like a job.

Also, eating something besides a RX Bar and more coffee for lunch is TOUGH.

So I got on this kick of RAINBOW ROLLS and I’m changed, it’s new year new me…haha

or something 😉

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring making Rainbow Roll Recipes, Rainbow Roll Lunch Ideas, Healthy Lunch

Healthy Girl On The Go Lunch Ideas, Rainbow Roll Recipe, Veggie Lunches

Rainbow Roll Recipe, Vegan Lunches, Healthy Lunch Ideas

What You Need:

Collard Greens



Bell Peppers


Red onion



This list is 100% biased to what I like in mine but the best part of Rainbow Rolls is the only rule is ADD AS MANY VEGGIES AS YOU WANT! haha

So try other things that you love to add in the mix…

Other things I love to add:

Boiled eggs

Shredded carrots


Hot Sauce



Heathy Girl On The Go Rainbow Rolls, Vegetarian Lunch Recipes, Rainbow Rolls

I think this is to Easy Peasy to call it a RECIPE But this is how I throw mine together…

***open to suggestions if you can roll your collard greens better than me!**

I cut the thick part of the stem off of the collard green off and cut a little v in the leaf (seems to make it a touch easier to roll up)

Spread the hummus, I measure mine out to a serving size just so I’m not over doing it on the hummus because Lord, knows I love my sauces and dips so I need to REGULATE! haha

Then go veggie crazy… LIKE IT’S YOUR JOB, some might say

*** don’t forget to squeeze a lil’ lemon on there!***

Then I really just roll mine like a burrito

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Healthy Lunch Recipe, Rainbow Roll, Veggie Lunch Ideas

Rainbow Roll How To, Healthy Girl On The Go Lunch Ideas

This is for sure my latest obsession and guess what?

Zack, even likes it! haha #HubbyApproved

You all are too smart for this to even be called a recipe but it’s good, its full of the good stuff, and it’s QUICK.

Just trying to make time for us to take over the world, you know?? 😉

Cheers, Darlings!

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Healthy Recipes, Healthy Girl On The Go Rainbow Rolls, Rainbow Rolls