Happy Monday, Darlings! I don’t know about you but one of my favorite parts of Monday is getting the chance to kinda WEEKLY START OVER. I love making a giant pitcher of lemon water, taking the time to get a extra long good sweat sesh in, and kinda just GETTING MY LIFE TOGETHER.

So this week, in honor of like NEVER MISSING A MONDAY I tried out a super popular workout from Pinterest and made a few alterations and made a little playlist to pair with it. Now, all you have to do is make your own lemon water 😉

HIIT Workout:

I started this workout with a quick 30 minute run- but this workout by itself is GREAT! So if you are just starting to workout maybe start with this workout and then add additional cardio if you are still feeling it!

Get MOVING, Darlings! Repeat this set of workouts THREE times through. I did mine back to back without a break until I completely one full set. I used a few different sets of weights (for example: squats I went heavier than walking lunges) but try to do as heavy as you can with still having proper form!

New Workout Playlist:

This is just a handful of my latest favorites that I think are upbeat enough for this great workout, I mean every sweat sesh needs a good playlist…am I right? Or am I right?!

Darlings, I am getting ready to leave for Florida on Thursday so I will most likely be doing this little combo a handful of times…bikini body in October is a STRUGGLE, haha. I hope you all have a gorgeous week, and most importantly feel like the best version of YOU- and if you ask me taking time to be a HEALTHY girl on the go is a huge help!

Cheers, Darlings!