DENIZEN from Levi's, ways to style denim in fall

I love me a, “good, jam packed, play hard” type of weekend just like the next gal- but I have found typically my weekends are my HARDEST days to style my outfits. 

My weekends are usually filled with starting the day off with errands and housework type of stuff, followed by trying to meet up with my girls for some late lunch and shopping before I hit the town with Zack for a date night…and MOST of the time I don’t have tons of time to stop at home to change so I gotta improvise a little 😉 

Since my favorite denim for fall is DENIZEN from Levi’s Modern Skinny Jean I decided to start there, and incorporate my favorite Saturday essentials to create a perfect vibe that will keep you having fun ALL day!

It’s technically ONE look, but with some added accessory changes so you can make it work ALL DAY LONG, for all your festivities.Don’t forget, you can find these jeans at Target for under $30

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring styling DENIZEN from Levi's Modern Skinny jean, fall style, DENIZEN from levi's, denim styling

The start of your Saturday, if it looks ANYTHING like mine consists of GETTING ‘ISH DONE!

So my look has to be super comfy, a purse big enough to hold my water bottle and snacks, and I want something that keeps me warm so I can ditch the jacket!

So this little number is inspired by the things I NEED on Saturday…only thing missing is a LARGE COFFEE 😉

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Fall Denim picks from DENIZEN from Levi's, DENIZEN from Levi's, Target style, fall denim

DENIZEN from levi's fall denim, Target style

That’s what I love MOST about DENIZEN from Levi’s denim, they are so comfortable that I can run around all day in them but CUTE enough to feel great while doing it! These are super high waist so go great with a fitted tee like this.

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring weekend styling guide, DENIZEN from Levi's, Target style, fall denim

Work hard. Play hard…right, Darlings?!

The next look is perfect for brunching with the gals after you get your to-do’s all taken care of. Also perfect for mani/pedi dates, ice cream stops, accidentally shopping trips, etc…

Only thing missing is a mimosa I think 😉

Fall Brunch Outfit Ideas, DENIZEN from Levi's, denim styling for fall

I keep my slides on, because well- slides are chic enough to transition into a girls date. But I switch up my purses to something a little more fun and tie back a little of my hair with a fun bow to really add some more pastel colors to my look.

I think adding some more color makes this look WAY more fun and you will feel like you got a little freshen up from your errands look, plus these changes can be made with just a quick few minutes even just using your rear view mirror!  

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring weekend styles, DENIZEN from Levi's fall weekend outfits, Target Style

Weekend Denim Outfits Ideas for Fall, Levi's, Target denim style

I love styling looks with the typical Fall color palette but I also love incorporating pastels into a fall look instead! I think it’s a fun mix up to throw in your weekly #ootd and plus it feels so feminine and whimsical mixing and matching pastels like this lavender and this baby blue. 

No Excuses not to look SPICY for your DATE NIGHT

Sometimes my day really gets away from me, but date nights with my hunny are literally MY FAVORITE so there is no way I am missing it. outfits like this one make my transition so simple and make me feel GREAT even if I switch it up in less than 2 minutes 😉

Only thing missing is my Zacky…haha.

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Date Night look with DENIZEN from Levi's, date night look, DENIZEN from levi's date night outfit

Statement Blazer, Zara, Over The Knee Boots for Fall

I love that this color of denim can be dressed down or dressed up, I loved the contrast it had with my black accessories! 

Fall Date Night Outfit ideas

I think adding an over the knee boot for fall makes this look so STAND OUT, plus I feel like I am in a completely different outfit then I have been wearing all day! 

And I am sorry, but I can’t get over this adorable neck tie- it goes with EVERYTHING! And this Zara statement sleeve blazer makes this look totally on TREND.

For me, when in doubt for date night black pieces really make me feel put together and kinda FANCY 😉 

How to Style a Neck tie for Fall

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring styling Levi's denim for fall

The trick to making wardrobe staples work for everything on your agenda is investing in QUALITY pieces that really can go with multiple things! And I love that DENIZEN from Levi’s gives quality at affordable prices so you can spend the money you saved on all your fun weekends plans not on your wardrobe! And it’s even more convenient that you can find these great pieces at Target

I wore all three of these looks in ONE day and felt great the WHOLE time, but you can also wear them as three different looks for work and play- I love the versatility and the surprising color palette for fall.

Your outfit shouldn’t be stopping any of your plans this weekend 😉

Cheers, Darlings! 

DENIZEN from Levi's date night outfit ideas, Target style, fall denim outfit ideas

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