Oh Hey Monday…Why do you always gotta sneak up on me so bad?! Like I am still in full blown SATURDAY mode…


It’s been way too long since my last FAVORITES post, but I promise it is going to just get better and more consistent. This month has totally flown by but not to worry I still had enough time to get obsessed with a few things here and there.

Home T

Denver has been my new home this last year and I feel so BLESSED to feel at home in this gorgeous city. I have never been one for bumper stickers or magnets but give me a cute GRAPHIC TEE and I will be reppin’ my state in no time! Home T donates 10% of their profits to multiple sclerosis research and have been seen on celebs like Mila Kunis (not gunna lie I would copy Mila Kunis’ style ANYDAY). Each shirt is super soft and has the outline of your home state along with the word, HOME written. Such a fun graphic tee and also a wonderful GIFT IDEA.

Spring Time Playlist

Ahh Darlings, music is LIFE and a good playlist can CHANGE around a bad day or MAKE a good run. So I know this playlist isn’t long but it’s my latest tunes that are legit on REPEAT. So take a little listen and tell me any additions you may have so I can rock out to something NEW.

Shoulder Trend

I am all about the SHOULDER TREND, like can’t get enough of it. I love the cold shoulder, the embellished shoulder, AND the off the shoulder! Personally I am all about pairing a fitted off the shoulder with a pair of high waisted skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans. I have linked a few jeans to shop below and ALSO this EXACT top. The lace detailing with this classic shirt makes it memorable, it is from Humble Chic and if you use code LIKEIT you get 15% off!! Yay!! EMBRACE THE SHOULDER TREND, DARLINGS!

Blue Star Donuts

I was in Portland this weekend and just about DIED over this place. I had seen the sign a few times from prior Portland visits but this time we had a few spare days and I made the fam bam stop by and we all fell in love with the basic aesthetic and of course the YUMMY donuts. All that I am gunna say is I highly recommend the Old Fashion and the Bourbon one!!!!

Liberti Jewels

The dainty jewelry trend is BIG DEAL RIGHT NOW. And if somebody ever combines a big trend with a good cause I get heart eyes. Liberti USA is just THAT, they help refugees and their jewelry is AMAZING!! Take a look at their line and YES you will be seeing me in their jewels ALOT more.

Darlings, I hope your Monday has been FLAWLESS just like YOU. I am about to start din din for some friends and planning on renting a little movie or somethin’ somethin’ you know what I mean?! 😉

Cheers, Darlings!