HELLO Beauties & a Happy Wednesday to each of YOU. Today is extra EXTRA special because our latest advice post is completely based on the fact that we would feel like TERRIBLE friends if we didn’t advise you to read up and start following our latest obsession (insert HEART eye emoji’s here).

So darlings, get ready for a treat…oh, and your welcome 😉

Lilli & Luna blog is LIVE

so stop whatever you are doing and check it out HERE!

A little about Lilli & Luna

“Lilli&Luna was founded by two friends that are very different but share three major things in common; Tequila, Cats and Kicking Ass. The world of Lilli&Luna implores the fundamentals and ideals of fashion, fitness, beauty, lifestyle and personal commentary about life. This lifestyle blog was created with the exact goal of creating a universe for women to enjoy, speak, laugh, and explore. We base our writing around the things we love and the things we firmly believe should be shared with the world. Whether its the newest addition to Free People’s sultry lingerie collection or the greatest junk food to pig out to when you’ve had a killer week. Lilli&Luna expresses the San Diego lifestyle that its two founders love and live, thus providing a new and refreshing take to the blogging universe. We are beyond stoked to share our world with our readers!”

-Whitney & Amanda

Darlings, with topics like; Instagrams you MUST follow, athleisure fashion that is impeccable, the hot spots to go to in Southern California, and beauty addictions that will have you hooked how could any of us resist?! So check out these gorgeous gals blog and follow along their social channels HERE:


Instagram: Lilli_and_Luna

Snapchat: Lilliandluna

Facebook: http://facebook.com/lilliandluna

Blog: www.lilliandluna.com

Tell us what you think, doll faces! If you need another reason to check them out, their tagline is:

“If you like tequila and cats then you will probably like us”

I mean how stinkin fabulous is that?!

Cheers, Darlings!