Darlings, with a new year comes new routines and new favorites…if you know me then you know I am always on the hunt for the latest service to make my life a little easier, a new app to get organized, or just something super cute that makes me wonder how I lived without it. Basically, this is a little list of all my latest obsession (be sure to include yourselves as the honorary number one because we all know I am obsessed with YOU the most)


Bootay Bag

If you are short a New Year’s Resolution then my suggestion would be to add getting a new panty wardrobe! I’m not gunna lie panties AREN’T CHEAP, so doing something like a underwear subscription is the perfect way to build your wardrobe without breaking the bank! And I know there are other underwear type of clubs but if you are asking me who is the cutest & sassiest around it would be BOOTAY BAG. I have been so lucky to find this gem and I can’t explain how stinkin cute this monthly subscription is! Every month Bootay Bag sends two pairs of gorgeous panties for $12- pretty sweet deal huh? Everything from their packaging to the styles they chose every month for their products if impeccable and just what a darling girl like you needs. 

OH, and guess what?? Bootay Bag is going to give you a 30% off deal if you use code: Darling30

Favor Deliver:

First off, GET THE APP! It’s absolutely fabulous, no matter if you want late night food delivered right to your place or a new mascara from a local store when you are in a pinch it is delivered to you within an hour!! And totally hassle free, the runners do the shopping for YOU and they text you to get any details needed, for example asking if you want cheese on the side for your nacho order. Like this picture is literally a picture of True Food Kitchen that I got delivered for lunch with my girls! 

All I gotta say is ATLEAST try it, and hey- you get free delivery if you use this code: BEDARING

Glo Therapeutics:

This winter weather has my skin FREAKING OUT, like don’t even get my started on dry, cold skin because Denver has made the struggle real…I mean I love it but goodness haha. So my saving grace has been Glo Therapeutics skin line and specifically being; 


Balancing Moisture Remedy 

Renew Serum 

Daily Polishing Cleanser 

Yes, we got the hook up for you 🙂 The code for an extra 15% off your order with Glo is: BEDARING15

Alright love bugs, it’s time to REALLY kick off this week so take advantage of these discount codes and try out my latest favorites- promise you won’t be disappointed! 

Cheers, Darlings!