I remember the second time I talked to Zack I had forgotten his name…not his face, or the way his smile made me feel..But I forgot his name. I remember not being able to figure out why it hurt me so bad I couldn’t remember it, or why I immediately blurted out and promised I would never forget it again.

My first promise to Zack was that I would never forget his name…

Today is our FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY and I can’t help but cry thinking about how lucky I feel everyday that someone like Zack not only loves me but fights for me to feel like he loves me everyday.

I remember promising Zacky that I would never forget how I felt when we got married…and he makes it SO EASY. 

pretty wedding pics

Our promises these days are a little less climactic but it’s crazy the feelings aren’t…He is out of town today and I still feel like half of me is missing somewhere is Wyoming (or wherever he is, I got all the “W” states mixed up, haha) and when he gets home to meet me for dinner tonight and I see his cute face I WILL TOTALLY MELT.

And I think tonight I will Promise him something new…I don’t know what it will be- maybe it will be to take a mental picture of how handsome he is, or to work really hard to organize our apartment better (his OCD is crazy and he hates my stuff being everywhere haha), or maybe just to try and never forget the BEST parts of the last four years he has created.

Being married is HANDS DOWN my favorite thing this life has brought me, and I know that it is totally because of how wonderful Zack is. Jesus blessed me as soon as he created him, and since 2013 I can’t imagine life any other way…

Thanks for listening to my little diary entry today, my loves! I linked our wedding video below just incase you wanna see a little of my favorite day  🙂

Cheers, Darlings! 

Zack + Desire from In The Clouds on Vimeo.