One trait that I have always admired in people is the ability to be resourceful and to use what you have to your best ability. And as little as clothes and your wardrobe may seem on your list of resources it is still admirable to see a closet full of clothes that are worn ALL year long. 

The thought of wearing a maxi around town in winter didn’t just seem cold but seemed WEIRD to be completely honest. But maxi’s are one of my favorite go-to items even through fall so it’s kinda sad to think about putting them away for a few more months. So darlings, today’s post is all about the how-to’s in sporting a maxi through the rest of winter. 

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Trick To Rocking A Maxi This Winter:

-Wear a maxi that is a little on the thicker side- it doesn’t need to have sleeves or be wool..but it should at least be cotton- sheer would make you look freezing and sometimes freezing comes across as desperate

-A maxi with slits is easy to knot or roll up so that way you can were at least knee high boots and thicker socks to keep the lower part of your legs warm! And plus I love the edge a rugged boot adds to a dress. 

-Layer another texture to add depth. This maxi was a simple cotton fit, but adding faux fur gave it a wintery feel that was simple and chic. 

All Photos By The Lovely Brittany Renee Photography

Darlings, whether you are trying to rock a new trend or money is a little tight so you need to make the most out of your wardrobe wearing a maxi this winter is TOTALLY doable and fashionable! 

Now, let’s go get our Friday on- I am off to Breckenridge to take my first ski lesson!! Please say a prayer…haha. I hope you all have fabulous plans. Thanks for reading.

Cheers, Darlings!