There are some things that even a Monday can’t take away from us, darlings- and I think we can all agree that a good OUTFIT is one of those…you know, when you have a killer #OOTD it’s a game changer. Since, fall is now in full force (I mean Starbucks red cups are here, so obviously that is our cue to dress accordingly) we have put a spin on one of our favorite pieces, The Romper & chose a style that can hands down be worn in the crisp air of fall time. 

Step One, to making sure your romper is fall appropriate is: 


I LOVED how this romper from, Pink’s Straight From LA was not just plain black but had these rich burnt orange detailing to really warm it up. Choose a piece that has one or a couple of your favorite seasonal colors that will totally help with the fall transition time. 

Step Two: 

Accessorize Properly

I was REALLY feeling that whole 70’s vibe for this look, so that is how I accessorize BUT darlings, you can go crazy in this department just keep color scheme either classic & neutral or in those favorite fall colors that we all have been waiting to wear! 


Earrings: H&M

Shoes: Freebird By Steven The Costa

Hat: Forever 21

Sunnies: Karen Walker From Shop Ditto



Lipstick: Too Faced Melted in Blood Orange 

Step Three:

The CUT of the Romper

Be sure that either your romper has sleeves and then you wear with tights and boots, or your romper is full length and you pair with a scarf or jacket for upper body- everybody feels bad for people who look cold- so choose something weather appropriate. I loved how this one has sleeves an is full length because on days that aren’t TOO cold I can just leave in this, feels like such an effortless outfit! 

Rompers have to be one of my favorite things to wear, I mean you guys probably get sick of how many I post ALL summer long so finding a gem like this that is functional for the fall & winter seasons made my little heart so happy. We love when you get little reminders that fashion really is full of breakable rules and about making pieces work for you and your lifestyle. 

Here are a few other rompers that I found that I think would be great for fall:


Forever 21


Darlings, I hope you had as much fun as Brittany Renee Photography and I had creating this look and prancing around town trying to capture it for YOU 🙂 Remember, if you love to wear something then find a way to make it work- rompers can totally work for fall time looks…and this is just one example! 

This week, is going to be all over the place for us creating pretty & new fun things for all of your gorgeous faces so get excited. Wishing you all the best Monday, let’s make it EXTRA productive- per usual 😉 

Cheers, Darlings!