Quick disclaimer: sorry boys that this whole post has to be about something that probably makes your tummy turn but maybe a few of these tips can be used to make your ladies life a little better, which in turn means…your life is better- yeah, you can thank us later 🙂


Let’s be honest here ladies, the week of our period we are almost different people. Don’t get us wrong we don’t want the world to know when “Aunt Flo” is in town, but sometimes our sweat pants, chocolate crumbs, and mood swings that a mood ring couldn’t even keep up with- tend to give it away. But the thing is- how can any of us really afford for a week out of our month to be “Bloody Hell” ?! The answer is- we can’t and we shouldn’t. So we have compiled a little list of the must do’s and the must nots to kick your periods a$%, because ain’t nobody got time for that! 

Beat the bloat: Drink Water

I don’t know about you, but one of the worst parts of being on my period is how incredibly bloated I feel! Honestly, I feel like I retain the Pacific Ocean in my body the week of my period- the WORST feeling EVER!Yes, you do in fact retain more water than normal on your period but part of bloating and water retention is about dehydration!! So I know it sounds crazy to drink MORE water when your body is just retaining it, but the process of being hydrated will actually help with all of this bloating!So bottoms up Darlings, sip on plenty of water all day long! 

Girls need chocolate: But you Really need COCOA- raw cocoa

Oh, the struggle is REAL. Like honestly all we want when we are on our period is; chocolate ice cream, chocolate cookies, chocolate cake, chocolate candy bars, pshhh and we attempt to validate chocolate frozen yogurt as, “healthy” haha. But the honest truth is foods high in sugar will just heighten your PMS symptoms. But one thing that is beneficial is Raw Cocoa- it is high in magnesium which actually helps with symptoms like cramping and mood swings! 

Get Up and Get Dressed

I will be the first to admit that half of my period troubles are a mental thing.So sometimes you just gotta get up and out of bed and wear a fabulous outfit and pretend like you aren’t about to embark on a emotional roller coaster and well…maybe you won’t! Choose outfits that make you feel confident and happy-maybe a cute dress so you don’t feel too constricted, or some high wasted shorts to make you feel pulled together even if you are a tad bloated! I like to have my outfits picked the night before the week of my period so even if I am having a case of the “uglies” I already know that my outfit is ready to go!

Release Those Endorphins

Even thought all you wanna do is curl up into a ball, make yourself go for a brisk walk or take a yoga class! I remember my high school gym teacher swearing to us that walking would help our cramps not make them worse…and even thought I just wanted an excuse to skip gym that day she was totally right! Releasing some endorphins will helps with cramps and your mood! And we all know that our mood swings can be brutal, so let’s do what we can to not have a melt down on the reg! It is important to take it easy and listen to your body, so be sure to pace yourself and know what you can do- but pushing yourself to get a little workout in won’t be something you regret- promise!

A Healthy Diet is a Happy Girl

We know that is sounds like CRAZY TOWN to try and eat even healthier when you are on your period then when you aren’t- since all your body wants is a giant glass of wine and a tub of ice cream, but it’s the truth- a healthy diet will make you a way happier of a girl!! 

Stay away from:



-Foods high in sugar


-veggies and fruit (especially spinach, carrots, watermelon, and bananas- all great for your preventing breakouts and headaches)

-proteins like fish, turkey, and nuts

-and eat more regularly: have snacks every couple hours. This will prevent you from crazy mood swings when you are hangry as well 🙂 just saying…it’s kinda scary when you are hungry

Keep Your Mood Swings In Line and Wear Pretty Panties

Please, ladies don’t be THAT girl who everyone is literally running from once they hear that she is on her period! Before you start snapping off orders or loosing friends because of your BiPolar tendencies take a second to remind yourself that you may just be a little irritable so to take it easy. One of my best friends likes to refer to it as “Wo, somebody needs a snickers!”it honestly makes me laugh so hard but it’s totally true-take a chill pill before having a temper tantrum. 


And Darlings, if all else fails…WEAR PRETTY PANTIES. Since we have the tendency to throw on our not so cute undies, maybe this will trick the whole system and change EVERYTHING! But if all else fails, you got some cute underoos on that at least you can appreciate 😉


Maybe, just maybe if we all conquered this horrid fear that the week of our periods..will SUCK, then our lives will be totally FABULOUS! Or at least we will keep a few friends, keep off a few pounds, and never ever be caught in ugly panties AGAIN! Either way we think it is worth a try. Now, here is to making the MOST of period week…

Cheers, Darlings!