Oh Hey there BEACHY BABES, how is Summer time treating you?! I am like in freakout mode that Fourth of July has already came and gone, like holy HECK we are in JULY…

Well no time like the present to be keeping up with those bikini bods- we all know that I like to have me some splurges but I like 80% of the time to keep myself in check, and SNACKING is honestly my secret- I let myself snack so I don’t need to eat as large of meals.

I also know that sometimes people don’t know HOW to snack, when I say snack I don’t mean movie theater butter popcorn, haha. So here is a little list of my LATEST favorite things to snack on- oh, and be sure to leave what your favorite snacks are in the comments I LOVE having new ideas!

Wild Things Skinny Dipped Almonds:

These little suckers are ADDICTING- in all the right ways! Wild Things are perfect for those sweet tooth moments or just when you are racing around town and need something to hold you over. They are SKINNY DIPPED in a layer of dark chocolate & then finished with a little pure cocoa, espresso, or raspberry depending on what flavor you have! I typically have this as my snack around 3 (kinda my in between of lunch and dinner) or for a little late night snack when I need something sweet. SHOP these little guys HERE.

Energy Bites:

If any of you hotties are familiar with my first Healthy Girl On The Go posts than you know these things are LIFE. Energy bites take like 5 minutes to make, you honestly probably even have ALL the ingredients in your cabinets now, and they are SO TASTY you forget it’s a HEALTHY snack. I typically eat mine before a workout because they are a GREAT source of energy or- this is TMI but, those awful PERIOD weeks I have one of these midday for a PICK-ME-UP. Check out THIS post for full recipe!

Watermelon/ just yummy FRESH fruit:

YOU GUYS IT’S SUMMER AKA IF YOU HAVE NOT CONSUMED AN ENTIRE WATERMELON OR PINEAPPLE I AM JUDGING YOU!!! Think fresh fruit when hitting the grocery store (of course veggies too- but sometimes that little sweetness of fruit is just what your bod needs!) I love grabbing Honey crisp apples, bananas, watermelon, and pineapple to just have to snack on through the week. Of course, typically I don’t eat a WHOLE pineapple in a single sitting haha, I try and do one fruit type of snack a day!

Darlings, I hope this inspired your grocery shopping list, because I know it made me hungry for my snackies today…haha I’m such a 3 year old sometimes. ANYWAYS, I love you all and I am sending prayers that today you FEEL BOMB DOT COM in your skin, because Jesus created you GORGEOUSLY.

on that note…

Cheers, Darlings!