Healthy Girl On-The-Go Recipe Book is Finally Here!

We have loved every minute of reading your comments on our Healthy Girl On-The-Go posts, getting your emails, and hearing each and every one of your beautiful stories. We loved it so much that we just had to take our newest edition of Healthy Girl On The Go to the NEXT level. This eBook was made with your requests in mind, our tummies rumbling, a working girl’s budget, and of course lots and lots of love. 

***Click the above image to purchase our eBook, darlings!!!***

There are meal combinations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner-all using containers to help with portion control and easy on the go eating like our other Healthy Girl On-The-Go posts. Each meal combination is full of flavor, contains foods that are fresh and easily accessible, and are great for storing the night before a busy day

The meal combinations in our new eBook include: the full recipe, a list of ingredients, and directions for making the main dish. Then, following the meal sections there are sections for snacks and desserts that include the ingredients, directions, and variations for each. All of our snacks and desserts are great to meal prep at the start of the week so they are ready for quick meal combos all week long. With 38 recipes and countless meal combos, there’s no more reaching for those vending machine potato chips- we got you covered, darlings! 

Here is a little peek into what the Healthy Girl On The Go eBook will entail because, well, it looks too yummy not to show you 😉

Breakfast: Egg Roll Ups With a Side of Turkey Sausage and 1/2 of a Grapefruit

Lunch: Bean, Cucumber, & Feta Salad

Dinner: One Pot Burrito Bowl With a Side of Kale Chips and Salsa and Fruit Mojito Salad

Snack: Spicy Kale Chips

Dessert: Sweet & Savory Pear

Keep your taste buds happy and your body healthy with meals and recipes that will compliment your busy on the go lifestyle! 

Is your mouth watering yet? Click HERE to get your eBook and get going!

Cheers, Darling!