One of my favorite things about living in Denver is my days in Cherry Creek, it’s the cutest little spot right outside of downtown and it’s my favorite place for GIRLS DAYS. Last week I went with my gal Alena of ModaPrints to have the sweetest little girls day checking out Cherry Creek Shopping Center’s latest exhibit…

Snoopy and Belle In Fashion

This exhibit is the CUTEST thing of my life, literally all the cutest little Snoopy and Belle’s dressed in ALL my favorite designers. I am talking decked out in Chanel, little punk rocker versions in Betsey Johnson, and equality slogans on Snoopy and Belle dressed in the hottest levi’s. Alena and me were running around the exhibit snapping photos and oohing and aching wanting to copy each look! 

The Snoopy and Belle in Fashion exhibit is on a U.S. tour where it will end in NYC during New York Fashion Week in September, I feel so lucky that Denver got to be one of the cities to have this exhibit open to the public for us all to prance around and see the cuteness!

Darlings, this is such a fun pit stop to include in your next girls day; I mean, grab a coffee, do some shopping, and take a peek at all the cute Snoopy and Belle’s in the BEST clothes. It will be here in Denver until April 11th! 

Now, get on with your bad self and don’t let the Monday blues get you too hard 😉

Cheers, Darlings!