So this Monday is special– you know why?Because it is the Monday before Thanksgiving and that only happens once a year. We are sure that you all are getting excited for family to come over, or maybe just excited that the holiday season is finally here. I mean what’s not to like? Red cups at starbucks, overcast days to give you the excuse to be lazy all day, presents, time with the people you love and more days off from work! So whether you are having people over to your place for Thanksgiving or you are off to somewhere else it is always fab when you are festive, Darlings.

So we thought we would sorta share our endeavor in getting all SET up for Thanksgiving this year- maybe you will take some pointers from us or if you are an expert, post some picks and tag us so we can publicly be schooled by your mad skills.

Either way, enjoy and make the most of each holiday because it’s a reason to celebrate!

 Let’s face it– A WHOLE lot of Thanksgiving takes place around the dinner table so here are some pics of the glam tablescape that Zack and I tried to get all set up at our place!

Full Table view for fall

 Pumpkins, Candles and Pinecones Lay out some candles and spray paint your pumpkins to add a little extra Fall Glam. oh and PS the pinecones I found were Cinnamon scented- talk about Ahhhmazing! Bar-Top For your Table

Table setting for Thanksgiving Set the table and if you forgot place cards- grab some leaves, spray paint them and jot down the names-doesn’t cost a thing and so so chic!  Full Tablescape

 You cannot and should not forget Fall Flowers– get colors that match your home but remind everyone that its fall- put them on your table, your coffee table or in the guest room. Its a proven fact fresh flowers make the world of difference. Fall Flowers

KEEP out your pumpkins– you heard me, they aren’t just for halloween. Pilgrims and Indians were all about pumpkins so we should be too! It would be like…breaking tradition and Darlings…we don’t do that.  Pumpkins Pumpkins and PineconesPumpkins DSC_1983

Make the pieces in your home have just small touches of fall- YOU KEEP THE CLASS but make everyone feel like you are ready to bring in the holidays with them. Fall BarTop 

We hope that these little tips help you out some 🙂 Most importantly we just hope they helped in getting you excited for this week and all the joy Thanksgiving should bring. And one of the things we are thankful for this week is ALL of you. Okay enough mushiness it’s only Monday…


Cheers, Darlings!