Anyone else reading this get kinda sorta DEATHLY AFRAID of WHITE JEANS?! I am 5’2, curvy, and sometimes the most unflattering thing I can do is put on a pair of white pants. Then Frame Denim came around with not only the BEST pair of WHITE jeans but also an ultra flattering LIGHT WASH JEAN that you all aren’t going to be able to get over!!

Brittany Renee Photography and me really wanted to create a story board for these lighter washes of Frame Jeans to show how effortless, playful YET still glam these jeans can be. WARNING you all may start shopping…

Frame Denim Part TWO:

When I’m home I am ALWAYS barefoot…partially because outside of the house I am pretty much ALWAYS in heels and also because I kinda feel prettier without shoes when I’m home…I associate my home with being comfy- I love seeing Zack throw off his tie, our guests just throw their feet up on the couch, and for me to fling off my shoes before I even got all the way inside. It’s like this SIGN to me that we made our little apartment A HOME.

Shop Frame Denim LOOKBOOK:

White Ripped Jeans

Pastel Light Wash Jean

Grey Tank

Lacy Bralette

Don’t forget w/ anything I wear and link to at Humble Chic NY you can use code LIKEIT for 15% off! This bralette is AMAZING- so soft!

Pink Hoodie

You guys this hoodie is the SOFTEST THING IN THE WORLD and the color is so amazing!! As soon as you put it on you will wonder how the heck you have lived without it!

I know I mentioned this in my Frame Denim Part ONE post, but I got a little tip about TAKING CARE OF YOUR FRAME DENIM!

Wash with COLD water & hang dry so they keep their stretch!

You guys this week I turn 26…I don’t why but that just sounds CRAZY! oh, and it’s my golden birthday so Zacky pulled through and booked us some flights to NYC because I feel like I want my 26th year to represent ADVENTURE.

you all best believe I’ll be wearing these jeans around the city- sometimes with Nikes when I wanna play tourist and other times with heels when I wanna be fabulous. That’s what I LOVE about Frame Denim because it works with my on-th-go lifestyle and ALSO my glam side.


I know I keep going on and on about Frame Denim, but I can’t help it…when I find a brand I love and believe in I want so badly to show it off to you guys. I love Frame because of the fit but I believe in Frame because it made me feel good about my body- and darlings, above all else BUY CLOTHES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL PROUD OF YOUR BODY.

Now, I gotta get my Monday started but if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask- I’m all ears little loves- but be ready I may talk your ear off in return. I’m all ears BUT I’m also a talker..and a singer a REALLY BAD singer. haha

Cheers, Darlings!