Happy Monday Friends! Today’s post is literally inspired by the fact that last year I wore like the same two dresses to like ALL the weddings I went to, and that is SO not fun- I mean weddings can be some of the BEST memories and places for great pictures with your date and your friends!  WEDDING SEASON almost needs it’s own section in your closet because you have to think about the dress code, the weather, color scheme, AND timeless pieces that you can wear from time to time and won’t hate in pictures 5 years from now! 

Besides the fact that you want to wear something cute for fun pictures at your wedding it’s just a SWEET gesture to take the time and find a great look for a wedding. I mean I took it as the BIGGEST compliment ever when people would text me about what to wear to Zack and mines wedding or talk about how they went shopping for the perfect dress- it just felt like they understood just how important that day was to us. SO TAKE THE TIME TO FIND A GREAT LOOK FOR YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS WEDDINGS!

Why I Adore This Dress SO MUCH for Wedding Season: well it’s flattering in a conservative kinda way; meaning, it has gorgeous sleeves and a great length so you don’t feel weird taking a picture with grandma, but the belted waist line shows off your shape still! The pleats and the colors are so feminine and timeless, you won’t be embarrassed if 10 years from now your kids see this in a picture. And It’s Ted Baker…like why wouldn’t you want this in your closet?!

Shop This Look:

Dress: Ted Baker

This gorgeous piece is ON SALE right now, like how can you beat that?!

Shoes: Christian loubatins

My go-to’s when I am going for a polished, clean look. I order a half size up with these shoes, just in case you need help with sizing!

Earrings: Humble Chic NY

Don’t forget you can order these giant diamond studs for 15% off with code LIKEIT and they have other cute colors too!!

Purse: Louis Vuitton

I wanted to throw in a handbag in place of a clutch just to make it interesting but a clutch would be gorgeous as well, especially if the wedding is more upscale attire and you want to dress it up a little more!

Photos by my gorgeous Brittany of Brittany Renee Photography.

My loves, I’m not going to lie I am not ready for today to be Monday- BUT I am excited about some fun stuff that I have to share with you this week. So that is what I am going to use as motivation to get my little booty up this morning!

Cheers, Darlings!