As embarrassing as this may be… for us to say out loud, we believe it’s necessary for you to understand that this comes out of LOVE. So here goes nothing- don’t judge us, BUT at one point in time Jolene and I have been…A DOORMAT. Yes, I repeat a doormat, which by definition is a girl, or guy who allows themselves to be walked all over. For example a doormat would do something like, get asked out on a date and then end up paying- for themselves AND the shameless jerk. Yeah these doormats exist and THANK THE LORD that we had people to give us a wake up call and make us snap out of the doormat trance, so to speak.

We figured we are probably NOT the only ones who have had this problem- so we wanted to lend a helping hand if; one- you are a doormat, or two you know one and need to give them a good shaking back to reality. And the reason we give the second option is because ladies, friends don’t let other friends be doormats– it’s embarrassing. We have created a little list of rules and lines for you so when a bad boy has got you all confused or you have just plainly forgotten what it all should feel like, you can look to these- oh and to set the scene we made a little playlistso be empowered today ladies! 

Quotes To live by Darlingsand there is little or no room for exceptions with ANY of these:  


Goddesses quote

Jolene quote

imageDes doormat quoteWhy men marry bitches quote


We hope this inspired you to be the Women that you were meant to be- No one has the ability to define you besides YOU. So start being the LADY that knows what she deserves and doesn’t take anything less, because frankly ain’t nobody got time for that. Take it from two girls who have had a bad case of the doormat trance once or twice, it isn’t worth it- YOU SHOULD NEVER BE WITH ANYONE WHO DOESN’T MAKE YOU FEEL GREAT. End of story.

Because Darlings, even if you don’t know it yet you are someones dream girl so don’t waste your time with people who treat you like a doormat.

Cheers, Darlings!