Happy Wednesday, Darlings! We are already totally crushing on 2015 and can’t wait to rock it with all of YOU. We know that with the first week of the year, we are always still trying to get the hang of our resolutions, get back to feeling good after all of the holiday splurges, and really trying to keep the motivation of a new start and change for a better year.

Now, with all that being said- one word that I just can’t say enough this past couple days is…DETOX. Because though I have no regrets for all those unreal holiday cookies and cocktails I know my body needs a little detox. And if you know me- I have totally become crazy for yoga the past year so one of the ways I am working on detoxing my body daily- isn’t just sippin’ on my green tea but doing some extra yoga moves everyday that have detox benefits!

So here are a set of moves and the benefits that they give your body- because darlings, not only will these sculpt areas of your body that you will want toned for summer they will also give your digestive system the reboot you were craving.

Wide Legged Forward Bend

This pose is very simple and can be done pretty much at any point of the day. It specifically circulates blood throughout the body and gets fluid to the lymph nodes. All of this helps to rid your body of toxins. Take a few rounds of breath here to aid in your bodies digestion.

Three Legged Down Dog

This is a variation of downward dog- where you take a few rounds of breath with one leg lifted high and you do this on both sides. Not only is this a great pose for anyone dealing with anxiety but it also specializes in mental detoxing helping to clear your mind. And again this helps with blood flow and getting fluid to lymph nodes.

Seated Heart Opener 

I think this may be my absolute favorite detox pose (also amazing for getting rid of a headache) with this pose since it is literally expanding your lungs and while you are taking deep inhale and exhales in this variation you are actually helping to break down all the carbon dioxide, lactic acid, lymphatic fluid, and other wastes.

Side to Side Chair Twists

This pose is a toughy but it works! Anytime you are twisting and contracting this way you are stimulating your abdominal organs, liver, and digestive organs. Basically giving your body a little push to get all the toxins out faster. So take a few rounds of breath on both sides.

Shoulder Stand

Inversions or to put it simpler anytime you are somewhat upside down- whether it be a shoulder stand, hand stand, head stand,etc your are doing so so much good to your body. Besides all the anti-aging benefits you are also helping your body break down wastes and toxins, because you are pretty much flushing your system allowing blood and fluid to rush the opposite way than it normally does. It actually is pretty amazing! So careful coming into this pose you don’t want to hurt yourself- but once you are in it take a few round of breath to really get the benefits.

Seated Spinal Twist

I love doing this one before bed, I feel like it is a great way to end the day- even if you ate really healthy it just helps the digestive system function properly. Anytime you are twisting the pressure on your abdominal it is almost just forcing your body to rid of the toxins. So take this pose on both sides for a few rounds of breath each. (this one is nice because you can even do it while you watch tv! haha)

Darlings, with the new year take the time to not just give your body one big fresh, kickstart- but daily, kickstarts! Promise it will make the world of difference, and your body will be thanking YOU! Remember, with all of these poses one crucial factor is you also need to be drinking lots of water! Yeah, you heard my- fill up your cup! Happy detoxing, pretties!

Cheers, Darlings!