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Alright my loves, I think this post is LONG FREAKING OVER DUE. One of the main questions you all ask me is for the EXACT list of skincare products that I use and HOW I use them. Skincare is one of my favorite topics so I wanted to really take the time to do an UNSPONSORED post with all of my holy grail products and why I love them so much!

Skincare is for sure a passion of mine, I love trying new products, reading reviews, watching Youtube videos of peoples skincare routines, and I am totally the chic that asks TOO many questions when I get a facial because I want to know ALL THE THINGS.

So this round up of all my favorite daily skincare products and my routine really has taken a few years to totally create. Some of the products are things that I have used for a few years others are within the last few months but all are things I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT!

Desire Falk of Darling Be Daring Skincare Routine, Best Skincare Products For Dry Skin

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Let’s take this step by step, my loves…


How I get my makeup totally removed and my face; cleansed, exfoliated, and toned.

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I love a good face wipe, but to be honest I switch it up and try new brands all the time! I’m not the pickiest but I do have to say I think the wipe that takes off the most makeup is these Micellar Face Wipes. Usually, If I am just wearing a pretty natural face (ex. tinted sunscreen and some bronzer) just a single wipe can remove my makeup. BUT if I am wearing  full face of makeup (ex. what I normally have on in my pictures- full concealer and mascara, etc) I also use Dermalogica Precleanse it melts away any leftover makeup the wipe didn’t get!

PM routine; I no matter what take off my makeup before bed.


I switch up my cleanser, but I usually always come back to Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. I mis a small amount with water and cleanse my entire face and neck.

AM & PM; important to cleanse twice a day.


I only exfoliate in the morning, but I do use Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant because it’s gentle enough for everyday use. I mix a small amount with water and then rub all over my face and neck- and a little extra around my nose to really deep clean my pores.

AM; and if you have sensitive skin every other day!


Using a toner daily is so important, I go back and forth between Witch Hazel and Exuviance Probiotic Lysate Anti-Pollution Essence. Simple, put one of them onto a cotton pad and rub all over face and neck.

AM & PM; So feel free to mix up when you use your toner, sometimes I do mine morning and then after a workout when I am in a rush and don’t have time to get ready for my next thing. (ex. do all my morning steps then when I workout in afternoon I will use a face wipe and then tone and moisturize to finish my day)

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Best Skincare Products, Daily Cleansers, Best Facial Toners

Alright so after I complete these steps, at night I also add in a serum…


Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Nightly Facial Serum, Fig And Yarrow, Exuviance Age Reverse Total Correct Serum

I know some people love to use serums during the day as well, but I personally love sleeping with a good heavy duty serum.

So EVERY night I use one of these amazing serums by adding a few drops on my hands and pressing the product all over my face, neck, décolleté, and also the tops of my hands. I swear I wake up looking so much more hydrated and glowy and my skin feels great!

I love Fig+Yarrow Facial Serum because of it’s all natural specialty ingredients but I do love the anti-aging components that Exuviance Serum has, so I think it just depends on your price point and exactly what you are looking for- but serums are crucial because it helps the rest of your products work to their full potential!

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Best Facial Serums, Best Nightly Skincare Routine, Night Skincare Products

Cookie, you need to moisturize…

haha let make that skin feel HYDRATED!


Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Best Daily Moisterizers, Best Daily Sunscreen, Vitamin C Facial Serum

I just started using Vitamin C on my skin this year and it makes THE biggest difference, I am kicking myself for waiting to invest in this stuff- it’s THE BOMB!

FIRST: Every morning before I moisturize I put on my Peter Thomas Roth Potent C Power Serum.



  • If I am wearing a full face of makeup my go-to moisturizer is Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench cloud Cream, it’s UNREAL. Like it instantly makes your skin feel amazing and it’s light enough to wear under makeup! I rub this all over my face and neck and leftovers on my hands.
  • If I am not wearing makeup I LOVE Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery it legit has 50 SPF in it and feels SOOO good on your little face 🙂


  • I am THE biggest fan of Exuviance Overnight Recovery Mask; it is super thick like a night cream and really leaves your skin feeling hydrated and protected like you slept in your favorite mask all night long!

Now, let’s talk about those UNDER EYES…

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Best Eye Creams, Under Eye Masks, Peter Thomas Roth

I am one of those people that can 100% tell a difference if I am daily using my eye creams and taking care of my ender eye area.

I hate when I look tired, my under eyes are puffy or dark, or they just feel kinda dry and more wrinkly! 

These products pretty much TRAVEL WITH ME EVERYWHERE, because if you are like me that these are NECESSARY!

My DAILY GO-TO Eye Cream

Peter Thomas Roth Power K Eye Rescue is incredible- I noticed a difference within TWO DAYS of buying this product. I apply this with my ring finger and dab it all over my under eye area and the “crows feet” area, and anything left on my finger I also dab into my laugh lines.

AM & PM after cleansing your face.

Best Under Eye Masks and Treatments, Best Skincare

My Two Favorite Products For When My Under Eyes Need a little EXTRA LOVIN’

This product has a metal applicator that feels UNREAL on your under eye especially if they are puffy from traveling or lack of sleep. I like to use this product at night to really get the FULL effect. I do little circular motions all around the eye always lifting upward. and then leave it on all night! Makes a WORLD of a difference when you wake up!

I love a good under eye mask to just slap on while I blow dry out my hair, or sleep the night away in! And these are my absolute favorites! Perfect for after one too many glasses of wine, or even just a midday little 10 minute under eye treatment if it’s been a stressful one!! They work magic within 10 minutes but of course the longer you keep on the more you will notice!

Since we dipped our little toes in the whole face mask category let’s go ahead and talk shop…


Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Best Face Masks, Summer Fridays Review, Best Sheet Mask, Cucumber Mask

If you know me then you know my obsession with face masks is a little ridiculous, like I could totally blow all my money on trying new amazing masks. I swear by the effects of the good ones- totally can make you look refreshed, glowy, and rested (even if you’re not!).

So it took me a little time to narrow my list down but these four masks are my homies…

It took me a second to give into the hype of Summer Fridays, but as soon as I put these products on my face I realized THIS WAS THE REAL DEAL. I use overtime mask first, and massage it into my cleansed face for about a minute- neck too! And then leave on anywhere from 10-20 minutes and then wash off with warm water! Its basically an exfoliating mask that is gentle and really wakes up your skin; I feel like I look like I have more color on my skin, it looks polished and glowy, and my makeup goes on SO smooth after I do this. I use this at least twice a week and always follow it up with…

This is 100% my favorite mask! It’s light, hydrating, and I basically feel like my skin is changing as soon as I put it on. When I travel I wear it under my makeup, I use it as an eye cream if I need some extra lovin’, I can wear it over night or just for 10 minutes and this stuff MAKES A DIFFERENCE. It’s something that I will forever have in my skincare routine.

This little cucumber mask is amazing, I love it during summer, I keep it in the fridge and it is so good after being out in the sun, or just if you feel like you look a little dehydrated from travel or drinking or eating salty foods. I also wear this one under my makeup if I feel like I need it. It’s so hydrating, also it just feels really calming and relaxing, perfect to put on before bed.

I flipping LOVE a good sheet mask, they are scary as hell but totally worth the ugly 20 minutes of sitting on your bed, haha! This one is for sure, my favorite, I always have at least one in my travel bag! The Vitamin C just soaks right into your skin, I swear I am prettier as soon as I take it off!

Best Face Masks, Best Sheet Masks, Summer Fridays

And babes, we CAN’T forget the LIPPIES!!

I don’t know if it’s from living in Denver or Arizona all my life, I am all about making sure my lips are taken care of! You have to make sure are keeping them hydrated and exfoliated, it helps with them looking youthful and also easier to apply your favorite lip colors!

Desire Falk of Darling Be Daring Best Lip Treatments, best lip products for dry lips, lip polishes

Favorite Lip Products:

This stuff is amazing- basically a mask for your lips! So I just use this all over my lips and kinda do a few coats and then sleep with this on- you could also just leave it for 30 min if you don’t like sleeping in anything but overnight gives such great results!

Such a great little exfoliator for your lips-plus it tastes and smells so good!! I do this every morning 🙂 Just rub a little all over lips, helps take off the dead skin and keep those lips nice and polished!

I have this all over my house to just make sure I’m putting it on all the time! It’s so good and leaves your lippies in the BEST condition! Great for under lipsticks as well!!

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Best Skincare Products, Skincare Essentials, Dermalogica, Peter Thomas Roth, Dry Skin Products

Darlings, taking care of our skin is CRUCIAL not just to prevent looking like a raisin, haha but also just to feel good! We all should feel confident in the skin we are in, but we do have to take care of it!

I understand it’s an investment that can seem overwhelming sometimes, so if I were to tell you a little starter pack of the ESSENTIALS, it would be:

  • Makeup Remover Wipes (please please don’t sleep in your makeup)
  • Cleanser (I think as long as you find a cleanser that doesn’t irritate your skin you are in the clear- this is one thing I think you can find a bargain on!)
  • Witch Hazel (this is totally a reasonable and GREAT option for your daily toner!)
  • Vitamin C (this is WORTH the splurge, my loves! Your skin will thank you!)
  • Moisturizer With Sunscreen (find a moisturizer that is perfect for you!Sephora does Samples- so get some! But if you are only going to get one- you need one with Sunscreen!!!)
  • Eye Cream (you don’t want your under-eyes to tell your age one day)

Of course, I LOVE and swear by each of these products but If I had to narrow it all down these would be the basics! The rest I think you can slowly build and add into your collection. Promise, you won’t regret ANY of it!

I hope you loved this post, I am going to be sharing on my Instagram Story Highlights under “BEAUTY” a little more about each of these! But always let me know if you have ANY questions…

Cheers, Darlings! 

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring skincare Essentials, Skincare Tips For Dry Skin