First and foremost this post is coming from someone who HANDS DOWN NEEDS A CASE. Like my IPhone feels like a bar of soap to me I swear- so like having a case on that pup is MANDATORY. And I am all about making my EVERYDAY accessories chic, and I pretty much always have my computer and phone on me at all times- so when I saw these matching cases from CaseApp I knew I needed them in my life!

Darlings, I chose the IDEAL MARBLE for both my laptop and phone case– oh, and for the phone case I chose the TOUGH case because that when has a little added protection, but don’t worry it’s not bulky!

The prices at CASEAPP are truly amazing- I had to snag Zack a matching marble cover for his laptop too! And now, well WE MATCH- which always makes me happy, haha.

Quick Break For Outfit Details:

Bow Blouse (that I am obsessed with): Humble Chic NY

Don’t forget for this AND the choker listed below you can use code LIKEIT for 15% off! This blouse is so CLASSIC and I love that it will transition into other seasons too! and I mean let’s be honest here the BOW BACK had me immediately!

Diamond Choker: Humble Chic NY

I love chokers, and I love diamonds…so like this was an automatic.

White Trouser Shorts: Nordstrom

These shorts are on SALE! You all need them- like look how dressy they are and later in the year they will look so FAB with some tights…just sayin’ at least check them out because the PRICE POINT IS AMAZING.

Shoes: Louboutin Pumps

I wanted to create this classic silhouette with this outfit and these pumps were just the perfect addition. 

Lipstick: Mac

I can’t stop wearing this color!

Lashes: Battington

Dollfaces, THE BEST PART OF THE POST hasn’t even happened yet!! Guess what?!

I have a DISCOUNT CODE for you so that way you can snag some goodies from CASEAPP too 🙂 Because I want your everyday looks to have the perfect, chic accessory too!


for 20% off your entire order…oh, and promise I don’t mind if you copy and get IDEAL MARBLE too…because I mean it’s like too cute!

Okay, my loves now I gotta go grab my cute marble computer and phone and get my BOOTY TO WORK…but let me know if you have any questions about these products or my outfit!

But most importantly HAVE THE BEST WEEKEND,

Cheers, Darlings!