It’s Date Night Time Darlings! 

So whether you are lucky enough to have the OUTDOORSY gene (but you just can’t seem to make time to get away) or maybe you are like me and the thought of bugs in your sleeping bag just about scares the bajeebees out of youwe are here to tell you that Camping with your man is NOT out of the question. I really wish I could tell you that Zack and I are like so cool and we love to pitch tents together and go on giant adventures with nothing but a lantern and a compass to lead the way– but we are totally not. I mean don’t get me wrong Zack is a hottie and is ALL Man but it is just not our thing! However, it was our nine month anniversary this week and we were in desperate need of some special time togetherso by doctors orders I planned us a little date night. I wanted the luxuries that come with camping like- no phones to bother us, laying down under the stars, cuddling by the fire and obvi smores but with the luxury of doing so in our own home. So ladies I present to you…

My Camping Inspired Date Night AKA How Wannabe Camping People Do It Big: 

First things first- you gotta ask him: Date Night Card

 This would be so fun as either a surprise for your guy or to set up and do together! Mine was a surprise so I had to pack a little bag for him 😉

clothes for him

Pick the menu! The fun part is choosing things you would actually be able to cook if you were full on camping- so hot dogs, hamburgers, or if you really want to class up your camping haha steaks! I just popped some steaks in the oven and asparagus and it is the perfect cooking time for about how much time you need to set up the tent!

steak dinner under the stars

But dinner isn’t the only course you need to worry about- Every campout NEEDS SMORES!! So grab the candles, if you have skewers-great but if not then forks work just fine, marshmallows, some chocolate, and graham crackers.

necessary cuddle spot by the fire

As for drinks, set aside a few water bottles, some mugs for hot cocoa, and of course a few wine glasses and a bottle of your guys fave wine or a few beers. (we are def heavy packers because we would need to bring two bottles because I like white and he likes red- diva alert! haha) Hot Cocoa For Two please

Now enough about the menu, part of the whole fun is SETTING up! So after you throw the steaks in- get to making the ambiance feel just as if he stepped into the great outdoors when he walks in. If you have a tent-perfect! (totally jealous because that probably means you are way cooler than me!) but if you don’t then not to worry THERE IS STILL HOPE! I just grabbed our air mattress, put some bedding and pillows on it to make it all comfy and cozy and grabbed the kitchen table chairs! Now channel your inner child, and make the most glamourous fort he has ever seen!! here are my BEST attempts…

camping for two please

indoor camping set up

a tent fit for a queen & king

details are always important- even when camping

Never forget the details-because they are always important even with camping! put out some pine cones, tons of candles, twinkle lights for the stars, lanterns and heck why not a fuzzy wine holder! (haha please tell me why we have this?)

Now for the final touch to truly setting the scene… background music- I found an 8 hour long virtual camping soundtrack on Youtube! It literally sounds like you are by a fire, there are crickets chirping and sounds of the wind blowing- so relaxing, peaceful and completely sets the mood! So I highly recommend this when you do it!

Camping Soundtrack 

Once everything is set up and dinner is pretty much all ready to go- let the camping began. When Zack walked in he was totally surprised- had no idea and could not believe how different our typical living room felt that night. We felt like we went on a little vacay for the evening– turned off our phones, I hid the tv remote, and he changed out of his suit and into some camping attire and we spent the evening listening to virtual camping background music, laughing and catching up over wine and steaks, having our first smore together, cuddling by our fireplace and then laying under the stars (aka twinkle lights) and reading Hunger games- really though can life get much better then that?!

Zacky has gone campin smores for you smores for me Marshmallows be roasting  That smore was on fire


pajama twins

Last year my mom got us matching pajamas for Christmas I thought this was the perfect occasion to whip them out

Des gone campin obvi with a crown lantern

A night under the Stars Just laying under the stars- in our living room- no BIG deal or anything

Only problem with this little romantic extravaganza is attempting to try and get a quick pic of both you! here was our experiment with learning self timer on our camera #embarrassing

couple gone camping- self timer pic

Darlings, I can honestly say one of my favorite parts of being married is dating. Dating can be as fun and original as you make it- keep your man guessing whether you just met him or you have been together forever. It is important to remind them that you still want to pull out all the stops, just because. So this weekend do something fun and creative and share it with us- because we love to be inspired by ALL of YOU!  Happy Date Night. 

Cheers, Darlings!