Darlings, you know me- and I can’t say no to a good glass of Sauvignon Blanc or a slice of Hawaiian pizza (you guys I’m just going to be honest and flat out size I never have just ONE slice #confessions). But with these, at moments HAUNTING foodie cravings, I try EXTREMELY hard to make healthy decisions for my day to day life and also my splurges.

In all actuality, I LOVE it most when my HEALTHY choices taste like SPLURGES.

We all know how it goes…the day gets so hectic we end up skipping a meal or two and then eat the ENTIRE kitchen once we get home. And when I say, “eat the whole kitchen” I don’t mean just handfuls of spinach- it usually consists of carb heavy meal in serving sizes that are intended for two or three.

My Go-To Meal Replacement On A Busy Day:

Between meetings, errands, long Starbucks computer days, and just lacking in the time management department I have totally depended on ASPEN JUICE to be my go-to for a healthy & tasty meal replacement.

Aspen Juice has the BEST tasting juices, I am a firm believer in meal replacements either being full of protein or being mostly greens- but always with one fruit at least…can’t stand the taste without it. And Aspen Juice just GETS it- you can tell a HUGE difference in comparison with all other juices. The taste, the quality, and the unique ingredients & added benefits.

I typically replace my lunch or afternoon snack with a juice from Aspen on a day to day basis. Of course this varies depending on my schedule- sometimes if Zack is out of town I juice for dinner or if I am traveling I juice for breakfast. Replacing one meal a day with a nutrient packed juice makes me feel energized, skin glows, de-bloated, and is a great way to monitor calorie intake and cut out some carbs.

Since, I OBVIOUSLY have this love affair going on with Aspen Juice– or as I often refer to it, “MY Aspen Juice” haha I am going to start posting more about my favorites, different benefits, how I incorporate them in my routine, and the difference they are making in my life.

But to START, stop by your Aspen Juice pick up the green that sounds the best to you, a little immunity booster, AND one of the detox juices- a little bit of my favorite categories. If you ask me ANYTHING with a little cayenne pepper is WHERE IT’S AT.


If you aren’t local to Denver, get on the JUICING train and maybe some of my posts will help for you to get creative with what you order or even jut knowing more about WHAT you are ordering. Bikini season is all too close, but that DOESN’T mean we should skip meals it just means on those busy days we can’t MAKE a kale salad we should DRINK the Kale.

Happy Friday Hotties, I hope you are getting excited for the weekend ahead…apparently it’s going to be snowing all weekend here- I may not be wearing this EXACT outfit but I’ll probably be drinking these EXACT juices. haha.

Cheers, Darlings!