Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing Kate Spade, NYFW, jumpsuits

I bought this Kate Spade classic BLACK JUMPSUIT right before I left for New York Fashion Week and I think I decided to make the purchase because of the quality of the material and the flattering fit- but I could just about list you another ten reasons you should buy it since I have worn it.

Darlings, if you ask me a chic piece to invest in this fall is a jumpsuit. You can wear it simple with some slides, add a bootie, a denim jacket over your shoulders, or dress it up with a statement heel and good fall lip color!

Best jumpsuits for fall, Kate Spade black jumpsuit, NYFW outfits

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing Kate Spade, Kate Spade, fall jumpsuits

Classic jumpsuits for Fall, Kate Spade, NYFW outfits

I was almost overwhelmed with the versatility of this jumpsuit when I went to style it for NYFW. It truly can be for something as simple as brunch with the girls or as a wedding guest outfit! But I knew I wanted to style it up with my classic go to-girly accessories for Fashion Week.

So I opted for pink plastic frame sunnies and my Pearl slides and a classic Louis Vuitton purse. 

I felt standout, but in an understated old Hollywood kinda way…and also, it was SO COMFORTABLE (and didn’t wrinkle much at all in my suitcase, making it this perfect travel partner)

NYFW outfit ideas 2017, Kate Spade

The Best Jumpsuits for Fall, Kate Spade, New York street style

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing Nordstrom, Kate Spade, Retro sunglasses


I don’t know if it’s because I am such a romantic at heart, or because it’s always the little things and details that totally melt me BUT when it comes to a look it’s the DEETS that have to be PERFECT, for me to be totally vibin’ with it.

It’s these cap, frilly sleeves- the cut outs along the front, the breezy cut of the pant, the retro vibes that tie it all together from the pearls to the pink sunnies.

It’s a little retro, a lot of the classics, and it’s fun enough to wear to an type of party! 

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring talking Fall essentials, Kate Spade, NYFW

Wide Leg jumpsuit, Kate Spade jumpsuit, fall essentials

Shop This Look:

Jumpsuit Sizing: I am wearing a XX small and it fits perfect, I didn’t even have to get it tailored!! 

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing Retro accessories, Nordstrom, kate Spade

New York Fashion Week outfit Ideas, jumpsuits, Kate Spade

Best Jumpsuits For Fall:

Classic Black is a great color for all year round but so is other neutrals like whites, creams, and blush! 

Pieces to accessorize your jumpsuit for fall:

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring wearing Kate Spade Fall collection, Jumpsuit styling

New York Fashion Week Classic Outfit Ideas, Kate Spade

Darlings, this was one of my favorite looks from New York and I can’t wait to style it with a fun jacket and some booties for fall. Heck, I am gunna have this little piece on REPEAT.

Like I said, invest in a jumpsuit this season- you won’t regret it!

Cheers, Darlings! 

Jumpsuits for fall, Kate Spade fall collection