Hair Products for Colored Hair, Best Hair Products

I am in LOVE with my new lighter hair but I am not gunna lie…the care is totally different than my black hair and it’s a lot more high maintenance.

Best Hair products for colored Brunette hair, must have hair Products

I have actually switched up almost all my products and have fallen in love with each and every one. My hair texture and the way the color lasts has totally improved, so incase any of my other gals out there are struggling keeping those ashy tones and still growing those luxe locks  and need some new suggestions…


Best Beauty products, Best Hair Products for Colored Hair, Hair Products

I am so lucky that my girl Suzanne from Matthew Morris Salon always is looking out for the care of my hair and she always gives me the best suggestions to help treat my hair AND keep the tone I want. So I actually got a lot of these product suggestions straight from her.

Hair Guide to The Most Ashy Brunette Hair, Best Hair products for colored hair

Let’s start by chatting about products I use in the shower to condition my hair. 

Best Purple Conditioner, Best Deep Conditioner, Best Hair Products for Colored Hair

Best Products for Ashy Colored Hair, Best Hair Products For Colored Hair

OLAPLEX Hair Protector

I think if you have even put a touch of ashy blonde in your hair or have a friend who has you have heard of Olaplex. This treatment is LEGIT, my hair gal put it in my hair as the main treatment at my last appointment and sent me home and advised I do it at least once a week.

***You can put it in your hair for 10 min in the shower before you shampoo and condition or you can put it on wet hair and even sleep in it overnight. ***

Kerastase Resistance Masque

This Deep conditioner is UNREAL and exactly what you need if you have dry hair that tends to get damaged by heat & processing and are dealing with some breakage. My hair texture is super dry so this feels like HEAVEN!

***I use this as my main conditioner EVERY time I wash my hair- I put it lightly all over but mainly on ends and leave for at least 10 minutes. ***

Shu Uemura Color Lustre Shades Reviving Balm Cool Blonde

We all know that Purple Shampoo and Conditioner are like ALL THE FLIPPING RAGE. Since I am not totally blonde, my gal mainly recommends me Purple Conditioner and THIS ONE IS QUEEN! I have tried another and once I tried this I immediately was SOLD.

***I add this over top the Kerastase Resistance Masque over all my hair and let it set the full ten minutes to keep my Ashy color. ***

Hair Products for Hair Growth, Best Hair Products for Colored Hair

So my last hair appointment I actually did a little bit of a major chop, because I was noticing the ends of my hair were way more dead than I would like them to feel/look. So since, I started using a product just for hair growth and strengthening to really focus on producing the BEST version of your hair.

Kerastase Initialiste

I am super pumped on this product because I want to focus on HEALTHY long hair and this product is so easy to use and it focuses on your hair from scalp to the ends.

***After I shower I put this on (4 doses because I have thicker hair) I just kinda split my hair up in three sections and put it directly on scalp in each section then one dose that I put just all over and on ends, and just leave it in hair. Can also be used on ends if they are feeling weak and damaged sorta just throughout week on your already styled hair***

Best Products for Thick Hair, Unite Hair Products

Best Hair products for ashy colored hair

Now, lets chat a little bit about hair products I use when styling my hair.

These products are not necessarily geared towards colored hair so I think these would be wonderful for anyone who wants great volume, the ability to manage freshly cleaned hair and also supes dirty hair…haha.

Unite Liquid Dust

I have this stud of a guy named Brandon who gives me such awesome blow dries and he always jokes, “your hair just WANTS to be filthy” but I mean I gotta wash it sometime, so when I do and I feel like I want that texture my hair does well with when it’s dirty I put some Unite Liquid dust in the roots.

***I just spray at the roots and sorta rub and mess it into my  blow dried hair and it gives it this amazing texture and extra volume that my clean hair NEEDS!***

Unite Boosta Thickening Creme

I use this stuff ALMOST everyday for clean or dirty hair. My gals at Glamour Bar turned me onto it and I am ALL ABOUT it. The texture is so nourishing and really seems like an all in one product.

***I use it on my wet clean hair before styling to really give my hair a extra boost for volume. I also use just a little dollop on my second or third (or fifth haha) day hair to just soften it and condition it a little! Plus it SMELLS DIVINE!***

Loreal Professional Serie Expert Inforcer Brush Proof

I will NOT travel WITHOUT this, it can be used for a ditangler, to get rid of static, or to brush thru dry already styled hair! Its amaze! And a little goes a long way so totally worth it!

***I mainly use mine on dirty hair that I curled the previous day and I want to sorta brush thru and add fresh curls! So I spray some on my Wet Brush and then brush through and it leaves my hair feeling soft and ready to curl***

Unite Second Day Hair Finishing Cream

This is basically what I use as my pomade; you know…get down those fly aways and touch up my ends to make them look smooth, or what I run through my curls once I am all done! Its amazing and it smells great and again…a little goes a long way so the purchase feels like its worth it!

***I just rub a little between two fingers and run through my hairs or target the ends or flyaways or use to slick back my hair in a pony or messy bun!***

Unite styling products, best products for volumizing hair,

My loves, I know we can ALL totally relate to a bathroom sink and medicine cabinet full of supplies that we either use until they are completely out or  products that we forget even existed. 

So I just wanted to do a fully NOT sponsored post about hair products that I truly love and use regularly and that I am actually seeing results from. The transition from dark hair to light hair has been not the smoothest for me so I wanted to share what is working and be super open and honest for you! 

Cheers, Darlings!