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It’s that time again, my loves- sharing my latest obsessions ranging everywhere from beauty to healthy snacks and answering all of your questions and requests along the way. Let’s kick this party off with my recap video…my highlight reel so to speak- don’t mind me being a goofball but listen up my friends, because if you ask me YOU NEED ALL THESE THINGS…

A little breakdown of my video favorites:

Neutrogena Makeup Wipes Singles

DUDE, my mom got me hooked on these and I now think I may not be able to do life without them. CUTS out all the waste from times you don’t need to take your big thing of makeup wipes around town! SO GOOD.

COSRX Blackhead Silk Fingerball

First off I hate saying the word, “blackhead” but it’s life and I do want anything that helps me have to say the word less, haha- insert now my plug for COSRX Blackhead fingerballs- these are CHEAP and so effective. I do a mud mask on my t-zone area first then soak one of these bad boys in warm water then just exfoliate the area- you can SEE IT WORKING! You can rinse and let dry then reuse each one up to three times.

Tan Luxe

These tanning drops are a GAME CHANGER. I got these suggestion from another blogger and have been hooked and telling EVERYONE I know about these. Insanely EASY to use, I just add about 3 drops to my moisturizer then use one each section of my body (for example- lower leg, then another pump of moisturizer-add three drops then upper leg, etc). These have totally helped me need spray tans less and I LOVE the face drops as well- don’t irritate my skin at all! I just add them into my normal daily moisturizer. FYI- I use the shade medium/dark.

Dr Formulated Probiotics

I was feeling majorly sluggish about a month and a half ago and one of the contributors to feeling better I think is this probiotic.

Olly Laser Focus Gummies

I am a BIG fan of Olly products and these laser focus vitamins are THE SHIZ people. I love eating a few before tackling emails or a blog post or even before an important phone call….plus they taste divine.

Summer Fridays R + R Mask

I mean this is a full blown GET YOUR GLOW ON mask; everything from the smell to the way it feels during the mask and after you take it off is rose petal heaven. These ladies can’t go wrong I am now currently in love with all three masks and fully approve this newest addition. I use it at least 3 times a week since I bought it- who wants to buy me my next tube?! haha

Tone It Up Protein Powder

The Tone It Up chics are such BADASSES! And when you guys asked what protein powder I use this was the easiest response- this stuff is tasty and good for YOU! I just follow the Tone It Up girls slim down smoothie recipe! Basically a scoop of protein powder, ice, and almond milk! So easy and filling.

Dang Sticky Rice Siracha Chips

WARNING these little suckers are ADDICTING! Honestly I now have to have these in my pantry at all times, the craving for them is REAL.

Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs

THREE WORDS: ADULT CHEETOS PUFFS. My inner chubby girl does cartwheels every time I eat these. My loves, dreams do come true!

Shop Favorites Video:

One of my favorite parts of this post is adding a little playlist, so darlings I present to you…

THE April Playlist

I flipping LOVED that you all asked for favorite spring pieces! I have like five online carts full, and I recently bought a few AMAZING purchases! ANYWHO some of these items I own and adore and others are on my wishlist but here is a little combo of some thangggs I think you may like…

It’s all about the pearl clips, the rhinestone belts, fun dainty jewelry, slides, a good jean, and some effortless sets.

***insert all the heart eyes***

Friends, this was fun…

we kept it real,

now let’s get on with our bad selves…

I lub you, please shoot me a message with your requests for next month. STAY CUTE…

Cheers, Darlings!