Isn’t it crazy how before you have been somewhere you are fine living without it?! But once you see it and experience it your mind wonders how you ever lived without it?! Darlings, Punta Mita is absolutely breathtaking- and if you haven’t been or were wondering where and what to do when you go back I did a little WHATS WHAT post with all the details of my trip. 


cabanas in mexico

W Hotel in Punta Mita

Fun Pool Floaties

Where We Stayed

The couple that planned this trip are members of Inspirato and we stayed at one of their locations in Punta Mita, which is about a 45 minute drive from the Puerto Vallarta airport. The cool thing about this Inspirato location is you had access to the facilities at the W Hotel In Punta Mita while still having the luxuries of have a three bedroom home with a full kitchen and your OWN pool right outside! Inspirato also helps with organizing rides to and from dinners, and can plan for chefs to come into your home and cook any meals you would like, along with stocking your fridge with all the yummy food and drinks everyone is craving.

Inspirato Favorites

Couples At Inspirato

What I Wore:

My favorite thing about beach vacations are how little you actually NEED to pack. So I’m not gunna lie I did most of my packing the night before just throwing in my favorite bathing suits, cover ups, sunscreen, and effortless dinner and sandal outfits BUT I did have a few key new pieces that I was OBSESSED with the whole trip, so shop away my loves so you have an excuse for a GOOD VACATION 😉

Perfect Scalloped Bathing Suit

White Two Piece With Scallops

Bright Colors To Wear In Mexico

Beach Essentials

Easy Beach Look

White Jeans Beach Style

I linked my exact white bathing suit– you know, the scalloped two piece one?? ahh you all I LOVE this suit. I ordered a small in both and I did have pads sewn in the top but that is just because I go extra careful with that stuff haha!

Then my cute orange one piece is SOLD OUT- so I linked a few similar 🙂

As fas as my FAVORITE accessory of trip it would have to be these Kate Spade bracelets. I chose blue, pink, and yellow but ALL the colors are gorgeous and the perfect arm party!

Beach Accessories

Now Let’s Talk Favorite Moments Of Punta Mita:

Sayulita: A MUST STOP, if you want to be enthralled by a colorful beachy paradise of a town. GREAT PHOTO OP, darlings! And it was just like a 30 minute drive from Punta Mita.

Sayulita Mexico

Sufi: Seriously this restaurant totally lives up to the hype- it’s GORGEOUS, and the food is UNREAL. For sure make reservations and FOR SURE ORDER THE CALAMARI.

My crew:You guys who you travel with IS A GAME CHANGER and the other two couples we experienced Punta Mita with were so fun and easy to adventure around town with. We spent the long weekend CHASIN’ TACOS, TANLINES, AND TEQUILA.

Fun Group TShirt Ideas

Beach TShirt Sayings

Best Things About Punta Mita

Veuve Clicquot is cheaper in MEXICO and dolls, I was cheering it up because I mean I was practically SAVING us money, haha.

Best Things About Mexico

The Cabanas at The W Hotel are the cutest most colorful things EVER!!

Prettiest Cabanas At Hotels

Couple Beach Selfie

Darlings, Punta Mita quickly became one of my favorite vacations to date, and if you have an other questions about restaurants, places to stay, or what to pack I am totally down to help any way I can from what we experienced there! 

I mean who could complain about a perfect spicy margarita, tan lines, a backyard pool with a view, and getting to run on the beach every morning?? Punta Mita just straight up has some good vibes, my loves! 

I already asked Zacky when are we going back 😉

Cheers, Darlings! 

Perfect Beach Vacation Outfit Ideas