Darlings, if I can ever be of any resource big or small that makes your life easier for even just a second my world would be made. As I am sitting here working on this holiday gift guide I am inspired to create a space that gives you creative, thoughtful ideas for everyone you love and cherish…so you can spend less time worrying this holiday season and more time ENJOYING.

This gift guide is a curated collection of my favorite things, wish lists from some of my gals, my hubby’s input, and some things that I really did think of for someone specific in my life. The gift size doesn’t matter it’s tailoring it to that special someone.
Now, let’s get started.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your little


you know…your gal that wants to see the world. Or maybe your pal that is dreaming about doing it. Whether you are encouraging the beginnings of travel or you are adding to their stellar collection of travel accessories spoil your loved one with the something that makes adventuring that much more fun. 


Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Holiday Gift Guide, Traveler Gift Guide, Holiday Gifts 2018

All of these items are under $200 and range from comfy cute walking shoes, fun suitcase, a polaroid camera and matching bag, to packing cubes and rose water spray for the plane. A little something for all different price ranges to make the traveler in your life smile. 



Holiday Gift Ideas For The Cozy Lover

call them a homebody, or maybe just your favorite cuddle bug but gifting that friend of yours that loves all things warm and fuzzy is one of my favorites. It’s gifts for the new mama, or maybe a loved one who is sick, heck maybe just someone who loves their Netflix and Chill days 😉

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Cozy Gift Ideas, Cozy Gifts, Holiday Gift Guide 2018


I have at least half of these items and the rest are on my wishlist, haha. Spoil someone you love with new slippers, or maybe a luxe throw, or start smaller with fun mittens or socks


Let’s Talk Stocking Stuffer Ideas…

The main gifts are fun and all but sometimes the STOCKINGS are where it’s at! Stuff those those fluffy stockings with all the best treats…


Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Stocking Stuffers, Stocking Stuffers 2018, Luxe Stocking stuffers, Holiday Gift Guide 2018

The way you stuff your favorites stockings can be as simple as gourmet gummy bears, or something interactive for the gals like any face masks, a crowd pleaser for gals or the dudes like the Echo Dot that is under $20, give your favorite beauty products or keep it simple with a theme like Yeti’s for everyone! 


Holiday Gift Ideas For The Luxe Lovers

maybe it’s your Grandma who has never owned a nice tote, your sister you want to spoil, your trendsetting bestie who always has the latest and the greatest, or heck maybe you need to hint this little gift guide to your boyfriend for yourself. This ones for all things luxe…



Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Holiday Gift Guide 2018, Luxe Gift Guide 2018, Luxe Gift Ideas

Spoiling your loved ones who enjoy the finer things of life can be done in so many ways; you can book them a massage, upgrade their countertops with a luxe Vitamix, maybe for a couple do a His and Hers type of gift like designer pool slides or belts! The list goes on and on but when I think of luxe gifts I really just think of what Zack and I would REALLY want- usually that helps with picking for other people…


And don’t forget, Christmas is a season of giving and that doesn’t have to mean a expensive present- give your time, listen before you speak, be patient, give kind words, smile more, live in a spirit of gratitude and generosity.

The people in your life will feel it like a present…


Cheers, Darlings!