I think that the end of summer is almost like a second “New Year” in the sense of new beginnings, starting fresh, and getting in the right mindset as summer ends and fall comes ’round. Moving into this new season I’m also trying to move into a “new season” of thinking & feeling by trying to keep things positive! Having a positive mindset and attitude towards others is something I’ve been trying to work on lately as negative thoughts and moods try to creep in. These are the tips and tricks that have been helping me, and I wanted to share with all of you in case it helps you as well!

1. Be generous with your compliments!

Giving a compliment is so easy, yet has such a positive effect! Making another person feel uplifted with a compliment created positivity for myself as well seeing their blip of happiness/thankfulness. Alternatively It’s so easy for me to want to gossip or say a negative comment towards someone out of jealousy, but it really does no good and spreads so much negativity! Turn what would be a snarky remark instead into a compliment or positive comment towards them.

2. Be proactive.

Don’t sit idly by while the back of your mind spreads negative thoughts to get down on you! Be proactive and give yourself a pep talk illuminating your strengths rather than focusing on your weaknesses. Be your own cheerleader and “think happy thoughts” as Peter Pan says! Thoughts lead to actions: think positively and it will show in your day to day life!

3. Smile.

Smiling takes 26 muscles, frowning takes 62. See?! It’s almost 3 times more effort to frown! Simple, yes, but effective! I can’t tell you how many times my busy rushed day was about to get to the level of “stressed out of my mind” but my mood was instantly improved with a deep breath and a big smile 🙂

4. Let it go (cue Elsa)

Let it go, let it gooooooo! Don’t dwell on the little things and let the small hiccups life throws you get you down! Take them for what they’re for, an obstacle, conquer it, and move on- no looking back!

5. Don’t take things personally.

I can’t tell you how many times I have wondered “what did I do wrong” towards someone when in reality the other person was having a bad day themselves and reacting poorly to everyone and anyone that got in their path. You can’t control how people react to you, but you can control how you let it affect you! Don’t take it personally and let it ruin your mood if someone is negative towards you- you just keep being the bright little star that you are.

6. Be a little selfish!

Yes, you heard me! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I worry too much about other people- how they are feeling, what they are going to think, how they will react when I say or do something- at some point this weight gets to be too much and can take priority over your own thoughts and feelings. Don’t let this happen! Be a little selfish and know when to step out of a situation for a time or when to validate your own feelings too!

7. Pick good apples.(so to speak)

They say one bad apple will ruin the good ones. Keep yourself away from negative energy and negative people and gravitate towards those who are loving, encouraging, and positive! I used to have a friend who only wanted to gossip about our mutual friends, which over time had me gossiping about them as well! It took stepping back and distancing myself from that “bad apple” to break the habit I’d picked up from her! Instead of spending time with people who bring you down, surround yourself with those who will be encouraging and positive!

Summer is over and with that comes more stress and business- don’t let it take over- help these tips to help you keep it positive, darlings! YOU are amazing, YOU are beautiful, and YOU are one of a kind! I hope these tips on staying positive help you as they’ve helped me! Have the most beautiful summer day, dolls!

Cheers, Darlings!