Walking through the store the other day, I saw an employee unloading Halloween decor into what was the “summer” aisle that was filled with sand toys, outdoor BBQ tableware, pool floaties, and the like. I instantly went into a panic thinking “noooo summer can’t be nearing the end- it literally just started! I have so so much to do with life before that man finishes unpacking the Jack O’ Lantern candy buckets!” So thus came the summer “must-dos” list. Summer is one of my favorite times of the year, and somehow even though everything seems to slow down in the summer days, the weeks pass so fast! To be sure there is no FOMO this summer, I’ve make a list of the 15 Things to Find Time for Before Summer Ends…
15 things to make time for

1. Go on a Mini Road Trip (complete with a summer soundtrack)

There’s nothing like a good ol’ road trip to make summer feel complete. Whether it’s simply for a day, a weekend, or the entire week- make time to explore somewhere you’ve never been, and enjoy the ride to get there! The drive is half the fun! Make a bomb summer playlist, bring some fun munchies, find cool stops along the way, and don’t forget to document the whole thing (Snapchat story say whaaaat).

2. Indulge in a large helping of FroYo

Because summer isn’t summer without a little frozen yogurt in your life and frozen treats never taste as good as they do in the summer sun- so go ahead and get a huge helping with more toppings than you can count! Summer in a spoonful.

3. Throw a BBQ

If you haven’t already thrown a little summer BBQ, then I don’t even know what you’re doing with you’re life- get out there and pick up some patties, buns, and beers and invite the crew over for a good old fashioned BBQ!

4. Have a Picnic in the Park (and play Frisbee, duh)

How fun slash relaxing does it sound to just lay out a blanket in a grassy field and munch on sammies and chips with the occasional break for a grame of Frisbee!? Have a cute date with your boo, or invite an entire group to join and picnic potluck style!

5. Make time to get lost in a book

Life seems to slow down in the summer- take advantage of that to get lost in a good book! Go to a cute cafe, sit outside with your caffeinated beverage of choice, and get lost in a page turner!

6. Attend an outdoor concert

Music + warm summer nights= heaven. If you haven’t already attended an outdoor summer concert, then make this one a priority! Whether it’s a free show for an up-and-coming band, or a sold out T-Swift extravaganza, get your fan girling on this summer.

7. Spend a day out on the water

Ocean, Lake, Pond, what ever your nearest body of water is, spend a day getting in as many water activities as you can! Paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing, jet skiing, water skiing, wake boarding, swimming, snorkeling, row boating, and even floating on a giant inflatable donut.

8. Whip up a Poptail (or two!)

If you haven’t yet tried a Popsicle immersed in your cocktail, then you now know what to make for happy hour tonight (you’re welcome). Try our recipe here! Because when else in the year are you going to be able to include a Popsicle on the drink menu!?

9. Rock that swimsuit that still has the tags on it

Yes, we know you have it. (or I do at least) that suit you bought as inspo for getting “summer ready” that still has yet to see the light of the summer sun! Plan a pool day, rip those tags off, and rock that summer suit!

10. Find a drive-in or outdoor movie showing

The only thing better than a good summer rom com is seeing said good summer rom com outside at a drive in or outdoor movie showing! BYOP (Bring Your Own Popcorn), or scope out the nearest food truck or snack bar and get your movie junk food on!

11. Go to a Farmer’s Market

Is there anything better than fresh fresh fresh local foods from the Farmer’s Market!? Go to your local Farmer’s Market and make that night’s dinner menu based on what is fresh that week! Not only will it be a fun outing, but after a quick Pinterest recipe search the fun will continue in the kitchen playing chef as well!

12. Try a new workout routine

Try a beachside Yoga class, run an outdoor trail with the girls, or swim some laps in the local pool. Treadmills are for snowy days and Holiday cookie regrets. Time to get out there and soak up some summer sun while getting your workout on!

13. Go to a water park or amusement park

No, you’re not too old. Yes, you will have a blast. Get your adrenaline rush on with roller coasters and water slides! Make it a cute date day, or go with a group!

14. Wear the widest brimmed sun hat you can find

Time to be fabulous and dawn some oversized sunnies and an even more oversided hat! Do the most, whether it’s sippin’ poolside or simply running errands.

15. Do something adventurous and out of your comfort zone

Whether it’s ziplining, trying a new cuisine, applying for a dream job, or even just meeting new people, do something that is adventurous for you, and that makes you feel alive this summer. This is the time to make memories, dolls!

While I’m sure there’s a million more things we could add to this list, these are just 15 of the ones that I cannot imagine not doing this summer! We still have some solid time in before Labor Day, darlings, so mark some time in your calendar to have a date, or two, or fifteen with summer 🙂
Oh, and sometimes you just need to put on a flower headband and a sequin skirt and pretend to be a mermaid. Which has nothing to do with this list, but everything to do with loving summer. Summer just makes me wish I was born with fins.
Cheers, Darlings