Every lady should have their “Go-To’s”; a little black book, restaurants that she knows will always aim to please, stores where she can run in and run out with a quick- new outfit piece when she’s in a pinch, a favorite nail/hair salon, etc. We would even go as far as to say that a lady should have a favorite list for her “Go-To” Wine and Champagne. Because you never know when you are going to need a hostess gift, or you just are having the girls over and you don’t want to party foul with a bad tasting Pinot Noir.

After some Fun, vino and bubbly research we have compiled a little list that will have you thinking you are splurging- not saving 😉

[dropcap_pink]Red Wine[/dropcap_pink]


14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon is hands down one of Zack’s favorite wines. It is very popular so you can find it many places and is always moderately priced between $9-$14. A great RICH tasting wine.



Horse Heaven Hills: Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvignon is another wine full of rich and bold flavors that will have your hostess thinking you spent big bucks just on them. This wine is around $12-16.

[dropcap_pink]White Wine[/dropcap_pink]


I first tried, The Supper Club Chardonnay because of the adorable wrapper! It totally stands out and I love the feminine design (not to mention the bottle is gorge too!). I love Chardonnay- because I love crisp wines that aren’t too sweet, so this is a great choice if you have similar taste buds or just want to grab something for a white wine lover in your life. This ranges from $12-$16.



Chateau Ste Michelle- Sauvignon Blanc, is another great crisp wine but has a bit more of a fruity taste. I love this in the summer! And it is just such an easy go-to and is always priced between $9-$12.




This is hands down my go-to bubbly, Lamarca is a classic Prosecco, with a great dry taste that is pretty much everywhere and priced at $14-$16. This makes my life so easy because I can just grab this on my way to a mimosa brunch. 



I just recently tried, Mionetto Prosecco– honestly because it had a sticker saying “Years best” haha. I must agree for such a great price point of $14-$17, and tasting like a much more expensive sparkling wine, I will for sure be getting this one again.

Each of these wines and champagnes are under $20 (most under $15), we recommend that if you are in fact stocking up that you take advantage of some of the deals at places like Safeway where you can get a 6 pack for even a better deal!


Darlings, when taking your pick with wines and champagnes you don’t have to splurge to stock your bar or to bring a hostess a nice little treat. Now, this is just a starter list, we would love to hear which wines you know of that are priced great and Taste Even Better! Hope you enjoy these Inexpensive (and IMPORTANT) finds- because what would life be without wine and champagne??? a very sad, Sad place… 😉



wine and champ

Cheers, Darlings!