Oh baby boy, I’m writing this laying in bed next to your dad- feeling you kick inside my belly, still wondering what your name will be, still wondering what you will look like or be like…a little anxious about all the unknown but….CALM. 

And I think I can stay calm bc of your dad. 

I know sometimes relationships between dads and sons are tough- amazing but also something that takes work from both sides and I know with my whole heart your dad will always TRY with you. He shows me every single day in the small things and the big things that even though we aren’t perfect and life isn’t either that effort and showing the people you love that you’re willing to TRY is everything. 

Your dad has been building our life and working at being a good husband to me since we met. He has shown me in his actions and the way he loves me that he CHOOSES me- and baby boy- it’s one of the greatest gifts I have ever experienced…Being chosen by someone as wonderful as your dad. 

I’m always trying to think of ways to show your dad this love in return- I mean it’s been life giving for me and I’m slowly learning, there is no present I could ever think of or day I could plan that could replicate it for him. 

But as I lay here I kinda think, my job in all this might just be to remind you of the type of dad you have. I’m happy to whisper these things to you when I meet you for the first time so you can understand why he is so weird 😂, or explain in years from now why you may not understand his rules but why you should respect them or even just to tell you when your dad does something for you that he would never tell you himself. 

So Without Further Adieu… 

Your dad is funny. Gosh, he is funny. Sometimes inappropriately or at my expense funny but he is gunna keep us laughing for a while little man. 

Your dad is a problem solver. He listens to people’s issues and troubles and then works towards a solution. He shows love this way- it’s really beautiful actually. The gift of living with someone who will truly listens to what burdens your heart and mind and works with you and for you to fix it or make it better makes you feel loved from the inside out. I call if one of his “Jesus traits”

He is softer than you think. Sensitive and gentle at his core. Don’t ever feel like you have to be strong around him- his strength is shown by the grace he handles his stresses with, and how pulled together he is for us, but he understands hurt, anxiety, and deep emotions better than most people. Don’t be afraid to ever talk to him about how you feel- I have never felt more validated and heard than with your dad. 

He is a great friend. The best of the best. I can’t wait for you to experience it. 

Your dad works hard at everything he does; whether that’s his job, cleaning the kitchen counters, planning a trip, or finding the best most efficient way to get to the store 😂 he works really hard to do it as well as he can. Our life is what it is because of how hard your dad works everyday. 

He is quick to apologize. End of story. He almost always says sorry first and doesn’t just say it to say it- he accepts responsibility and works to move forward. And vice versa- when he forgives he truly forgives. You never have to worry about him holding something over your head or against you. Another one of his “Jesus traits” 

Gosh, It was really hard to narrow down your dads qualities to these- but they are things that i think about when i need reassurance that I’m starting this journey with THE best person I could. 

To sum it up baby boy, your dad loves Jesus…you know he loves Jesus bc you will feel it in the way he loves you. And I know this because I feel it everyday. 

We’re not perfect, and we are gunna mess up a million times. But one thing I know is you got two people who are always gunna TRY with you and that will show up and CHOOSE you everyday…and that’s all…

Inspired by your wonderful dad. 

He’s gold, and I’ll always be here to remind you of it.