Let’s be honest I have learned a heck of a lot more than these things while being pregnant. This whole experience throws something new at me every single day- sometimes I surprise myself with how I deal with it and other times I feel completely out of control. But more times than not, I find myself at the end of the day realizing that it’s all part of this BIGGER lesson.

I wanted to jot some of these down because whelp- its flown by and still doesn’t feel very real that I have even came this far, so just incase I forget…

My body is CRAZY

Like it’s absolutely bananas that I am able to do this. I am able to carry a real life living being in my tummy- I am growing physically, mentally, and spiritually everyday and I think you are too. When this started I felt so far away from you, and now I find myself taking deep breaths every time I’m stressed simply because I don’t want you to feel it too.


Way way way COOLER than me and I already know that you guys will be besties. He handles everything with strength, patience, and tackles all the unknown straight on like a champ, always putting me at ease. I always knew I was lucky but these last 9 months I was reminded.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

I hope you’re fiercely independent and you tackle what comes your way with confidence…but I also pray that you find moments, like I did while carrying you, where you learn the importance of finding light and help from the people God places in your life.

Laugh till you cry (or pee, haha) it’s MEDICINE.

Gosh, I cant tell you how many times my, “big problems” were solved just by laughing. Thank goodness I have the goofiest friends and your dad- because anytime I was having a meltdown I was blessed to be reminded of what medicine laughing can be.

It’s okay to be scared.

I think there is power in validating your TRUE feelings, owning how you feel and telling yourself it’s okay. I learned part of the reason I feel scared being pregnant with you is because I care- I want to make the best little home for you possible- and I want you to have the best start to your little life. Also, if it ever makes you feel any better…most people are scared too 😉

Sunshine comes in different forms.

I have been lucky enough while carrying you to spend a lot of time in Arizona and Denver both where most of the days are filled with LIGHT. I swear the vitamin D has kept me sane and I’m constantly reminded of why I shouldn’t complain. But while carrying you I have also learned that sunshine comes in forms of people, special relationships, music, the endorphins that come from simply walking, and even just STILL moments and deep breathing. When I’m having a rough day I have started looking for “the light” and I’m finally realizing it comes in all different forms.

Less is More

I never thought I was going to be one of those mom-to-be’s that freaked out over stuff that truly doesn’t matter. I mean who the heck cares if we only have 5 baby books and the frames for the gallery wall aren’t in yet, hahah. And it’s funny because I know it all doesn’t matter and you know what actually makes me feel the happiest right now?? Just hanging out and talking with your dad, eating a few pieces of candy so I can make you kick, and going for walks outside in the sunshine- none of the other crap matters or makes me (or us) happy. I think life reminds us all the time that it’s the little moments that create a big full life. Less is more, baby boy.

Supposedly we still got a few weeks left just me and you, so I’m hoping I add like 10000000 more things to this list, haha. because I want to be the best ME that I can for YOU. Thanks for kicking my ribs, making me take deep breaths, and reminding me of all the BEAUTIFUL things that I haven’t noticed lately.

I’m never ever doubting or questioning where I can learn lessons from ever again…because someone the size of a mini watermelon reminded me of all this 😉


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