This week is full of ALL the Summer VIBES, I mean this week I have chatted about my favorite summer nautical look, sprat tans that got me GLOWING, and NOW- SUMMER TIME NAILS!! And darlings, nails is one of my favorite ways to style my looks so summertime accents on my mani and pedi’s got me feeling like I’m on a cruise ship or sippin’ a cocktail on my favorite beach.

To celebrate the first week of summer my girls and I decided to celebrate by getting mani/pedi’s at our favorite Denver spot, Glamour Bar and guess what made it all the more festive?! Their pedicure of the month was Pineapple Coconut- we just about died it smelt like heaven or a Pina Colada…haha either way it was AMAZING!

Designs and Colors That Glamour Bar did for our Girls Day:

Carolina from Chic Talk did simple blush tones with the cutest little dot on each nail- So effortless!

Alena from ModaPrints did a super summer design full of bright colors and a fun PINEAPPLE design!

and you all know how I love a good pastel, so I did the palest coral I could find with a little seashell decal that I just can’t get over

Glamour Bar does the BEST designs and has the CUTEST colors for summer!

Just in case you aren’t in the Denver area I have listed some of the PRETTIEST summer colors for you to do a mani and pedi at home!! Shop all these colors so your nails can be your BEST summer accessory!

Darlings, can you believe this weekend is FOURTH OF JULY?! AH I still can’t, but nonetheless go out eat a hot dog, watch fireworks, cheers a cocktail with your bestie, wear something red/white/blue, and of course STAY SAFE! Oh, and have cute nails! 😉

Cheers, Darlings!