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My motto in the summer months is, “LESS IS MORE” I swear the less makeup I have to wear the BETTER! So I always start with the basics of making sure I am keeping up with my skincare routine and adding a few extras to make sure I feel good to go all season long.

I have added a few new steps to my routine and really focused on the basics that I have shared before to make sure my skins feels extra glowy during this extra dry season in Denver. Some are products, some are procedures, some are as basic as drinking water- but nonetheless I think they will have you feeling like a beach babe the rest of summer!


Best Anti Aging Devices, NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device, Summer Beauty products 2017

I have been seeing the NUFace Trinity Facial Toning Device EVERYWHERE from; beauty bloggers accounts, department stores, and magazines so I decided to give this little guy a try and let’s just say I just started but I am not disappointed.

This little magic worker is like a facelift that you can do AT HOME! It aids in wrinkle reduction, skin tone, younger more youthful looking skin, and can be as quick as 5 minutes a day!

Since I have only been using for about a month now, I notice it most in the radiance of my skin and my skin tone. I am really hoping to give you guys an update in a few months on appearance of wrinkles and longer effects. But as of now, I love the way my face is feeling and looking!

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery

50 SPF

Dermalogica Sunscreen, Best Face Sunscreens for anti Aging

I can’t encourage you all enough to find a sunscreen that you LOVE, especially a FACE SPF. It is so important to protects your skin from the sun ALL year round but especially in summer months when you are having pool days, going on outdoor adventures, outdoor workouts, or just running around doing errands with the top down! This Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery has 50 SPF and is so hydrating- I put this under my makeup for an extra glow!

Honestly the technology behind this is so over my head but just imagine a sunscreen that has a technology to make it really WORK, produce collagen, anti aging that really focuses on the appearance of fine lines, and is GOOD for your skin?! It’s a MUST and totally worth the price- Zack and me both use it and a little goes a long way!


revitalash, best summer beauty habits 2017, lash care

I have been doing lash extensions since February of this year, and let me tell you- LIFE CHANGER! It is so nice to feel put together without any makeup on, it makes rushing from workouts to meetings so much easier and I love how little I need to get ready during the summer months! I have been seeing Ashley at Glamour Bar in Denver, if you are local- she is YOUR GIRL!

Darlings, in the summer my makeup consists of highlighter, bronzer, tinted moisturizer, my brow pencil and a little blush! It takes me all of about 5 minutes! 

But, I must say with having also extensions you do want to make sure you are taking care of your REAL lashes. After doing some research and asking around to all my favorites I decided to start using RevitaLash about 2 months ago and my lash girl says she can tell a difference in volume of my lashes!!

I think if you do lash extensions or not a little of this is just what your lashes need for an extra boost. 

Puristry Restorative Facial Oil

Best facial oils for hydrating skin in summer, Puristry Restorative Facial Oils

I have the driest skin so when I started hearing about facial oils I knew I had to figure out which I wanted to try. Puristry is such a BEAUTIFUl brand and when I heard Anthropology started selling it I knew I wanted to try it. So at night after I wash my makeup off and cleanse my skin I do this oil. I wake up feeling SO hydrated and my skin looks way more dewy – and it feels less tight?? if that makes sense! This formula helps to really target the skin so it actually gets all the nutrients of your moisturizer and improves the elasticity of your skin as well!

Again, with this product a little goes a long way so I think it is worth the price point!

Everything your beauty bag needs for summer, Dermaplaning, eyelash extensions


Another thing that I do all year long but I especially can’t live without during summer is my Derma-planing facial from Glosshouz. This facial leaves my skin feeling hydrated, blemish free, the ability to wear even less makeup, and the relief of knowing there is no unwanted hair anywhere on my face! This allows for the little bit of makeup you do wear to go on super smooth and still look very glowy and youthful!

If you are in the Denver area you HAVE to check out Glosshouz, use code DARLINGBEDARING for 15% off your visit!! The spa is GORGEOUS!!

Eyelash Extensions, Dermaplaning, Summer Beauty Routine

Darlings, Get glowy this summer and save time getting ready by taking care of that pretty little face 🙂 Please let me know if you have ANY questions about any of these products or procedures that I LOVE!

Cheers, Darlings!