Hey Gorgeous, today’s post came from a little ADVICE I got this week and I’m a true believer in the idea that if one person is going through something there are other people out there fighting to figure a way out too. If none of this resonates with you maybe it will be advice you can share with a friend who needs an extra push today, or heck you can shop this perfect spring dress and skip over all the words! Either way I love you all and I promised to share the clothes, the date nights, the trips, and yes- the struggles & the lessons…

I do this thing…

Where I will get new clothes, new shoes, or even something like find a new recipe and I won’t wear it right away. Zack will ask me why I haven’t worn it and I will say something like, “I want to SAVE IT”. It’s like I set these expectations or I make this standard in my head of what that day has to be like for me to wear that new dress or the exact friends that need to be around for me to make that new cocktail that I get scared to be disappointment. I know that I mentally do this with MORE than just new purchases or recipes, it goes into; work, planning trips, and friendships because I wait for this PERFECT moment that in actuality, darlings- YOU DON’T NEED TO WAIT FOR…YOU NEED TO CREATE IT.

After Zack hears my response to me not wearing my new outfit he simply say’s, “STOP SAVING IT & just wear it!”

It’s like…if you want to start eating healthy you don’t have to wait until Monday. If you deserve a raise; talk to your boss, don’t wait until your next BIG moment. If you are tired of your clothes, sell them and buy new ones…and wear them RIGHT AWAY. If you love him, tell him. Or if you don’t love him…tell him that too. If you wanna try a new trend, but are scared it isn’t YOU- just try it! If you want to start something NEW for work or a hobby you don’t have to wait till everything is perfect you just have to DO IT.


a quick break because well I LOVE sharing what I’m learning but I also really really really LOVE this Ted Baker Dress

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Don’t wait for special days, MAKE THEM.

Things are never going to be PERFECT, so if you really wanna do something stop waiting and just trust that you will thank yourself later. Heck, who knows darlings- we may look back at this week like 100 years from now and remember it as the time we just STARTED DOING THINGS and stopped worrying about having all the answers and started CHASING what we wanted.

Nobody gets inspired by people who figure out all the answers without actually doing anything. People get inspired by stories of others who are fumbling, tripping, and FIGHTING for the answers and the ways to get to their DREAMS

Basically, what I’m saying…


haha, well in a nutshell 😉

Happy Wednesday lovies- I kinda wanna say, “go get ’em tiger” but thats like SUPER NOT me. SO I’m just gunna say


Cheers, Darlings!