Darlings, my sister is MY PERSON; you know the person you call when you are sad, or just plain bored, or the person you tell all your funny/weird stories too, we go to hot yoga together, shop at Nordstrom together- even though we are different styles, AND swap new music and playlists…IT’S JUST LIKE OUR THING.

And, when Loni and I heard about Sudio Sweden Wireless Earbuds we kinda got a little giddy. I mean I was freaking out over the glam rose gold detailing, the fact that we could each pick which colors fit us best, and the OCD part of me was in LOVE with the non-tangle cord! Loni was all about the quality sound, long battery life, and personalized ear sleeves so they fit in your ear perfect.

Sometimes music is the best part of our day, and that’s okay…so why not for the good days and the bad days have a great little earbud you can keep in your purse to blast the latest music that you love. and if you were asking me and Loni we would say Sudio Sweden Wireless Earbuds all day erryday.

Rest Of Summer PLAYLIST:

You didn’t think we were just gunna talk about how on our sister days we like to sip Starbucks and make playlists AND not share them with you, right??? Loni and I created a little somethin’ somethin’ to have you jamming out the rest of summer…

hopefully in your matchy Sudio Sweden Earbuds too, haha.

I am not going to lie, me and sister are probably going to be rocking out to this playlist on the reg for the next week or so…because like I said THAT’S WHAT WE DO- well that and eat crunchy tacos and drink white wine. and hey, if you wanna join just let us know, k??? k.

OH, and darlings guess what?? The peeps at Sudio Sweden were sweet enough to offer YOU a DISCOUNT CODE for 15% off your order with CODE: DARLINGBEDARING

that discount code combined with their FREE worldwide shipping is a PRETTAYYY sweet deal if you ask me.

Have the PRETTIEST day, lovies and if it’s not the prettiest- listen to some good music and drink some good wine…

Cheers, Darlings!