Darlings, I have done another round up of my favorite things this month and I have a feeling it won’t disappoint. It’s ALL different price ranges and categories of items but no exaggeration each thing has been ON SOLID REPEAT since I purchased them. 

Take a watch at my little video chat, and then below I will link all the items for you to shop…

PS, can you even flipping believe it’s already the middle of March?! CRAZY! 


Valentino Quilted Rock Stud Purse

This bag truly does live up to the hype, darlings! I chose the largest size because I am planning on using this as an everyday statement purse but the smaller ones are ADORABLE too. The leather feels so luxe and it really does FIT SO MUCH!


Origins Maskimizer and Origins By ALL Greens Face Mask

The maskimzer is the most amazing FIRST STEP to any face mask that you use (it doesn’t have to be paired with a Origins face mask- use it with anything that you already love!) Also, I have been using this at least 4 times a week and there is a TON left so it’s one of those products that will last you FOR-EVA-EVA.

And the mask is just such a great QUICK deep clean for the days you don’t have time for your longer masks. PLUS, it can be used daily even sorta like a cleanser. This has been my saving grace on my RUSH DAYS.


Ombre Lip Colors

Smashbox has KILLED it with these two colors, hunnies! So I use the In Demand long lasting lip color by Smashbox ALL OVER my lips and then just in middle of lips I pat the PETAL METAL on and it gives your lips a FULLER and ombre look! And, it’s always a plus because Smashbox always has the BEST prices!


Tassel Earrings

Honestly a good statement earring for spring and summer GOES ALONG WAY, but for me they have to be light weight and not too pricy because I like to wear them ALL day and not be too worried if I want to get by the water. Both of these pairs are under $30!! I think the dusty rose are just GORG and the bright blue are such a fun trendy piece that STAND OUT SO MUCH!


Button Ups

I always go down a size for some reason in button ups- I don’t know if it is just typically how I like them to fit but I usually order ALL x-small and this olive green one is BEYOND…like so soft, so chic, the color is perfection, and I love that you can wear it tied in front or just all loose! I also linked a few more options below because well an effortless button up is WHERE IT’S AT, my loves!

Darlings, I never want these favorite videos to seem too sponsored or like I shop every two seconds, haha. I really do think about all my purchases and I will be the first person to tell you if I hated something I bought or was sent through a collaboration. So ask away, I am an open book and want this to to always be as helpful as possible! 

Shop Favorites:


So like it’s Wednesday and I need to GET MY LIFE TOGETHER. I have been feeling like it’s Monday since…well Monday. haha Get your hump day on, darlings and also your WINE ON because well..it’s Wednesday!

Cheers, Darlings!