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I remember growing up and imagining what Valentines Day would be like when I was a “grown up”. I couldn’t wait to buy sexy lingerie, have my husband buy me diamonds, and us have the fanciest reservation in town for dinner. 

…I am 100% the least sexiest adult version of myself that I could have ever imagined when I was 16, hahahah. 

But I think my “grown up” self has found a new appreciation for Valentines Day.

It doesn’t include diamonds and sometimes its more order in than night on the town…

but it’s special, for all the right reasons.

So this post is some outfit inspo (the kind you wear out and the kind your man can’t wait to take off), gift ideas, date night OR day plans, a lovey dovey playlist, and the low down on what I am planning for me and Zacky this year.

Happy Valentines, cutie pies.


Outfit Inspiration

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Valentines Outfit Ideas, Valentines Day outfit Ideas



Proflowers, Valentines Day Gift Ideas


Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentines Day Gift Ideas, Valentines Day 2019



Day Night (and day) Ideas


Desire Falk of Darling be Daring making Valentines Day special, Valentines Date Night Ideas

I mean let’s be honest ANY date night is the BEST night. I love when Zack and me get excuses to run around town by ourselves or stay in renting a new movie and drinking our favorite wine. Although I do love an opportunity to break out of routine, and maybe your goal for this Valentines isn’t the perfect gift or outfit but it’s to make a memory with your boo.

  • Go Shopping TOGETHER. Maybe opt out of getting presents for each other before the day and hit the mall! Maybe do a theme like if you have an upcoming trip- each try on something you could take! Or maybe do new Nikes if both of you are into being active! You can always make this one a little spicy by having your man pick out nighties or lingerie, he likes!
  • Plan A Sleepover. Get the snacks, all the wine, movies, and order in pizza! I seriously love the thought that being married is like a sleepover everyday and yeah we can’t always eat pizza and sour patch kids and get tipsy BUT I think Valentines Day is a pretty good excuse to!
  • Get a reservation somewhere neither of you have been! Try a new neighborhood, a spot that all your friends recommend, or maybe a little divey spot down the street. Either way- dress up and make it special!
  • Cook IN! I love cooking for Valentines, makes it so special and you beat the crowds! Make a playlist, and course out something special- don’t forget dessert!
  • Have A DAY date. schedule for the weekend if you need to- but have fun doing stuff all day together! Go to a fun workout, picnic somewhere cute, and just pretend like there is no time schedule for a few hours. When’s the last time you did that in the middle of the day?! sounds so nice!
  • Get a couples massage! Whether you splurge at the Four Seasons, have someone come to you, or try a spot off of Groupon- no one would be complaining about getting a little relaxation time.
  • Camping Date Night (indoors or out!) I will never forget doing an indoor camping date night surprise for Zack we had SO much fun! Here is the link to the post for a little inspo!

Valentines Day Date Night Ideas, Camping Date Night

Valentines Day Playlist

Music can totally set the tone for your date night, or make the drive to your dinner reservation more fun- heck it could be part of your gift! Here is a little playlist- some fun upbeat stuff and some nice relaxing chill lovey dovey tunes, I hope you LOVE 😉

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Valentines Day Ideas, Gift Ideas, Outfit Ideas, Valentines Music


What Zack and I are up to…

Like I said before, I don’t typically do the best job for Valentines Day plans but this year we do have something on zeee calendar! We are going to a Valentines Day Pop Up Dinner hosted by Feast (THE COOLEST EVENT PLANNERS OF ALL TIME) and surprisingly there are still a few spots open so if you are local to Denver, come come come!

I really want to do a few things special for my wonderful hubs so I think I am going to book him a massage as his present and also a little sleep mask that matches mine and new candles for our bedside. He never gets or cares about this type of stuff for himself so I can’t wait to treat him 🙂

Valentines Day Date ideas

My loves, just take a moment in the next week or so and really think about what would make your special someone feel happy. Plan a great date night for you and your man, send your girls some flowers or candy, heck just send a sweet text and this playlist to all your favorites. 

I hope this Valentines Day you and everyone you hold near and dear feel exceptionally LOVED. 

Cheers, Darlings! 

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