Kombucha Cocktail Recipe, Healthy Vodka Cocktail recipe, Pretty Cocktails

I have REALLY been trying to step up my cocktail game; Lord knows I love me some wine but when I am trying to cut back a little on sugar or heck just have fun with a new recipe I love trying new cocktails. I love trying to recreate cocktails I try at restaurants and make them a touch more simple and healthy but keep the fun, tasty aspects!

Last time Iw as in Arizona my sister Tess and I saw a kombucha cocktail on a menu at this really cute spot- so that was my muse for this little guy! I took out some of the sugar and also things that just would take too much time or were too hard to find at Whole Foods, haha and…

BAM, got myself a super tasty, pretty, and healthy Kombucha Cocktail.

I teamed up with Black Box Spirits, again for this one and their vodka is the PERFECT alcohol to spice this up! I can’t wait to make this again for all my girls!

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Kombucha Cocktail Recipe, Kombucha Cocktail Recipe, Black Box Spirits

Easy Cocktail Recipes, Kombucha Cocktail

I mean how stinkin’ cute is this little cocktail?! I love how light it is so even the lemons and ice just POP. But I did snag some edible flowers from Whole Foods that just made this look like a DREAM- top it with some mint and you have the prettiest pops of color you will want to use a nice clear glass to show it all off! 

Black Box Spirits Vodka, Kombucha Cocktail, Healthy Cocktail Recipes

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Healthy Kombucha Cocktail Recipe, Healthy Girl On The Go Kombucha Cocktail Recipe, Cheers

My sister Loni is a pretty dang good bartender so I made her come over and mess around with me in creating this. I knew I wanted to keep it simple and healthy but still SUPER tasty. 

I think this one is a CROWD PLEASER and for anyone who doesn’t love vodka we also taste tested it with gin and it was AMAZING too! 


How To

  • Fill glass with ice
  • A shot of Black Box Spirit Vodka
  • Juice from half of a lemon
  • Muddle desired amount of mint
  • Fill the rest of the glass with Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha
  • Garnish with a slice of a lemon, mint, and edible flowers

This cocktail is perfect because it’s not too sweet or overpowering but the floral notes from the lavender and elderflower from the kombucha really make it special. And it takes like two minutes to make- so it’s perfect for having guests over! 

Kombucha Cocktail, Lavender Cocktail Recipe, Healthy Vodka Cocktails

Black Box Spirits Vodka, Black Box Spirits Recipe. Healthy Vodka Cocktails

Black Box Spirits Vodka, Healthy Girl on The Go Recipe, Kombucha Cocktail

I Love that this drink recipe tastes and feels so fancy even thought it’s SO SIMPLE! 

Lavender Kombucha Cocktail Recipe

Next Kombucha cocktail recipe I try I might try a spicy version like a ginger or cayenne infused kombucha! Doesn’t that sound so yum?! I also might try mixing kombucha and also just some sparkling water if making this in a tall glass! So many fun options with these cocktails and the flavor of the kombucah really makes your job as the “bartender” for the night SO EASY!

Black Box Spirits Vodka, Vodka Cocktail Recipes, Healthy Girl Cocktail

Black Box Spirits Vodka is SO good- and I love how easy it is to store- so even when making quick cocktails like this most of the time I have all of the ingredients on hand! The convince and taste of Black Box Spirits is so great for us gals trying to be good hosts!

Kombucha Cocktail, Lavender Cocktail Recipe

My loves, I hope you enjoy this cocktail as much as I did! I literally cannot wait to make it again- SO BOMB. 

Let me know if you add anything or try this in a different way- I want to hear how you made it YOURS. 

Cheers, Darlings!