Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Rome Travel Guide, Rome Travel Guide, What to pack for Rome

I think I have been mentally planning a trip to Italy since the day Zack and me got married. We have had this as our “bucket list trip” since we had one of those giddy conversations that started like, “if you could go anywhere where would it be?!” you know the first date level conversations that makes for wild, dreamt up conversation over wine and good food?? Now, fast forward 6.5 years later and basically the same two people have the same conversation, also realizing that Zack could actually take off a little time from work and we threw together an Italy trip in a couple weeks that basically teleported us back to those two people having giddy conversations over good food and good wine.

Rome, streets of Rome, Roma, Rome travel guide
streets of Roma

Naturally, I wanted to SPILL THE TEA, you know give you all that good good.

We had so much help with planning this trip and we owe a BIG thank you to Italy Segreta, the most amazing resource for everything ITALY. My beautiful friend Marina, owns and operates Italy Segreta and she has created such a wonderful platform to really showcase the most beautiful sides of Italy. She handpicked so much of our trip that we will never forget.

So this is the first of a few posts that I am doing for our Italy trip- they will be chatting about hotels, restaurants, outfits, travel tips, and even best makeup for jumping into the Med and then being able to go get drinks right after. haha.

A little bit of everything- but most of all what a two week trip with my love did for my heart and my headspace. Excited to share, but let’s start with..


Desire Falk of Darling be Daring ROME travel Guide, ROMA, Rome Travel Guide

I am going to go ahead and start off with the fact that planning logistics alone for a trip that will have multiple destinations is a task itself. Getting from one place to the next; adding in trains, ferries, cars, etc. can be tough but 100% doable. So I wanted to break down our travel plans and exactly how we got from one place to the next and what worked for us and what didn’t, haha.


We took a nonstop flight from Denver to Frankfurt, Germany. The flight is about 9 hours and 30 minutes and then we took a flight from Frankfurt to Rome which was only about an hour and a half.

We knew that we would be landing in Rome in the early afternoon so had been advised to try and sleep on the plane so we could power through the day in the city and then just sleep hard that night (our attempts to beat jet lag)

Basically after dinner service on the plane, I took half of a Costco sleep aid, did my inflight skincare routine, and tried to sleep as long as possible (ended up being about 4.5 hours) woke up, brushed my teeth, did another round of skincare and relaxed with some coffee and my shows, haha. Then when we landed we raced to next gate, got liters of water to chug on next flight and just tried to slowly wake up over the short flight.



Then once we landed in ROMA, we just got a taxi to our hotel. That first night we stayed at the beautiful, boutique Hotel Locarno. THE CHARM OF THIS HOTEL IS OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Hotel Locarno
Courtyard of Hotel Locarno

We basically checked in, got showered and dressed and hit the ground running. Walking as much as our little bodies could, stopping for espresso and snacks along the way. Rome is DREAMY, very fast paced, lots of people from EVERYWHERE, and some of the BEST food and shopping my heart could dream up.

Then we ended our two week long Italy trip in Rome and stayed at Hotel De La Ville which was absolutely INSANE. We fell in love with the location, the service, decor, and the rooftop views. The last few days were full of trying to see more neighborhoods in Rome that we didn’t catch the first time around and taking in as much espresso, gelato, pasta, and drinks our tummies could fit, haha.

Desire Falk of Darling be Daring Rome Travel Guide, ROMA, Rome Travel Guide, Cutest places in Rome

Now, that you catch the vibe here is a little list of ALL THE THINGS…


Hotel Locarno

Hotel De La Ville


Dal Bolognese




Hotel De Russie


Rooftop at Hotel De La Ville

Courtyard at Hotel Locarno

The Court Rome


Salotto 42

Jerry Thomas (speak easy)


Sant Eustacchio



Chez Dede



Pizza At Madre
Chez Dede
Shopping at Chez Dede
Drinks at The Court
The Court
Apertivo at Ciampini

I loved that we started and ended our trip in Rome, it was the perfect bookend to start us in the Italian mindset and to leave with it.


Packing for Rome is actually very simple, think; CHIC, COMFORTABLE, and good BASICS. As far as shoes, I wore my Sezane sneakers everyday and then my block heel Valentino sandals for dinners.

Putting together this post kinda sorta made me have Rome withdrawals instantly, haha. Like when can we go back?!

Cheers, Darlings!