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I truly count Ravello as the REAL START to our vacation, I mean as soon as you arrive to the cliffside you just feel your body and mind start to be put at EASE. Do not get me wrong I love adventuring and exploring a new city but there is something about being by the ocean that makes you feel more relaxed and like you can separate from the hustle and bustle.

Belmond Hotel Caruso, Ravello travel guide, What to Do in Ravello
Belmond Hotel Caruso


Like I said in my Rome post the logistics of a trip are not to be overlooked. When we planned our Italy trip we mainly focused on flights, hotels, and how we were going to get to and from each place. So we decided to take a taxi from our hotel (the hotel can arrange this usually only takes 5-10 minutes) to the Roma Termini to Napoli Centrale (the train station in Naples).

***Always a good rule of thumb to ask your hotel front desk what a general taxi rate should be where you are going so you know you aren’t getting scammed***

I downloaded the train app called, “Trenitalia” and we purchased out tickets basically two days (before but even up to a day before usually works). I would 100% give yourself enough time to get to train station (account for traffic) and at least 15 minutes to find your exact train and be ready to board. THE TRAIN WAITS FOR NOBODY, haha. We learned the hard way and had to run to catch ours and showed up sweating and breathing like we just worked out! haha. I also would advise to always choose the high speed and primary seats.

The trains in Italy are AMAZING you get waters, coffee, snacks, wine, and nice seats. It is a little tough with your big bags but nothing impossible.

Then we arranged a private car service through our hotel to pick us up in Naples and drive us to Ravello it was about an hour drive. Honestly, this was so nice, because our guy was waiting for us, helped us with bags and we immediately jumped in the car and were on our way- no taxi lines 🙂

Where We Stayed

Palazzo Avino

This hotel made me count my blessings, you know one of those places where the view reminds you how BIG GOD IS, the food makes you think you’ve never tasted good stuff until that moment, and every romantic corner magnified just how much I loved Zack and couldn’t imagine being there with anyone else.

Palazzo Avino is the most charming, beautiful place- complete with two gorgeous restaurants that have INSANE VIEWS (and service), and also a lobster & martini bar.

Ravello Travel Guide, Italy Summer Guide, Palazzo Avino, Where to Stay In Ravello
Palazzo Avino

One of the main reasons we chose Palazzo Avino was the Clubhouse By The Sea. IT IS MAGIC. You take hotel transportation down the cliff to the water and you have your own private beach club with full service.

Club By The Sea Palazzo Avino

The MED is simply the most amazing water I have ever been in, I mean all I wanted to do was sip a spritz, swim, sip a spritz, swim, eat some pasta, repeat.

What We Did:

We like to break up our days with maybe one planned thing a day and then the rest sorta left up to just, “stumbling into things”. I love room for the unexpected, or locals recommendations, etc. So we broke up our 3 days with beach club days, a day trip to Positano, mornings hiking around Villa Cimbrone and coffee at local spots, and plenty of dinners by the cliffside.

Now, that you get the vibe…


Palazzo Avino

Belmond Hotel Caruso





Cumpa Cosimo

Belmond Caruso

Areas To Explore:

Villa Cimbrone

Ravello to Minori (gorgeous at Sunset)


The Pink Closet

Villa Cimbrone
Apertivo at Belmond Hotel Caruso
Cumpa Cosimo
hot tubbing at Palazzo Avino
Still daydreaming of The Club By Te Sea

The list for Ravello goes on and on, this place is where every couple should be blessed enough to go. As always, my recommendations came from my good friend, Marina of Italy Segreta she is so talented for finding the iconic minus the overly touristy spots.

What I Wore:

I packed really effortless, lightweight outfits for this trip! Comfortable shoes, cute biker short outfits for morning walks and coffees, chic bathing suit outfits for beach club, and summer night outfits for dinner.

One of the GAMECHANGERS of the trip was the makeup I brought that totally STAYED PUT EVEN AFTER JUMPING IN THE WATER. This is what you ladies need for a nice little swim followed by whatever you want- because you will look FLAWLESS.

Waterproof Makeup

I loved each and everyone of these products- I packed it all in a little makeup bag and threw it into my beach bag. The setting spray was really unreal and I loved having extra moisturizer or the Tula primer to rub on after a swim!! the brows and lashes stayed in place perfectly!

Ravello, I miss you already- Zack and me will forever be grateful for the days we got to spend with you.

Cheers, Darlings!