A Day in Positano, Positano Travel Guide

Originally, Zack and me wanted to spend the majority of our time on the Almalfi Coast in Positano. BUT because we are THE most last minute sally’s around, haha- everywhere we wanted to stay was TOTALLY taken. So during our stay in Ravello we planned a day trip to Positano.

By no means, am I claiming we did the perfect day trip or that I know enough about Positano from our 8 hours there but the few things we did we LOVED! So I wanted to share them along with some helpful tips we received that I think could really help.

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What you MUST do in Positano

Logistically, I’m not gunna lie we were a little worried about taking the ferry- we’ve heard mixed reviews (it smells bad, super crowded, etc) but honestly we did not mind the ferry at all! I mean it’s not like princess life but it’s for sure doable and tickets are so cheap and way faster than taking a car.

So we arranged a car from our hotel in Ravello to drop us off at the Almalfi ferry station, bought tickets (pretty sure less then $10) and then took a 25 minute ferry to Positano!

A Day In Positano, Best Lunch in Positano, Day Trip to Positano
Postcards from Positano

The views of Positano are just OUT OF THE WORLD, I mean it’s sorta what you picture when thinking of traveling to the Almalfi Coast, right?! So as soon as we got there we were excited to just walk around and explore, so we walked in the general direction of Le Sirenuse (got lost a few times, haha) where we had a lunch reservation and just started taking it all in. There is so much charm in these small streets, the colors, and the fact that the town is RIGHT on the water. Thier beach areas are ADORABLE, and I mean every time you look up to the cliffside you feel like like you’re in a postcard.

Lunch At Le Sirenuse, Best Lunch in Positano
Lunch at Le Sirenuse
Best Views in Positano, Le Sirenuse, Day Trip to Positano
View from our table at Le Sirenuse
Lunch at Le Sirenuse, Positano Musts, Best View in Positano
Rose & Prosciutto E Melone
Positano For A Day. Positano Day Trip

Lunch at Le Sirenuse was A DREAM, I mean I think we hungout at the hotel for like 3 hours just drinking rose, eating prosciutto and melon, and taking in the views. This hotel is 100% mandatory on your trip to Positano, every little corner will have you in LOVE.

Day Trip to Positano, What to do for a day in Positano, Positano
Positano for a day, Positano Travel Guide

We tried as much as possible to walk the streets with less crowds, the streets up by Le Sirenuse were great; a touch less packed and had specialty stores like Missoni.

What to do in Positano, Positano Day Trip Guide

It was VERY toasty when we were walking around so we stopped at Chez Black for a little cocktail. This place is adorable, pretty iconic to the area- I mean one look at the walls you see all the famous people who have came thru! Was really cool, and nice because we ordered a drink then also a roadie to go for the ferry! haha.

Chez Black, Cocktails in Positano
Chez Black
Chez Black in Positano, Positano Day Trip
Cocktails at Chez Black

What I Wore:

Like I said before, the weather was very hot so I decided to go with light breezy fabrics, hair in a bun, and comfy sneakers for walking all around Positano.

Best Views in Positano, Positano Travel Guide
Positano Views

We loved our charming day in Positano, and felt so lucky to be pointed in the right direction by my wonderful friend Marina, of Italy Segreta. Just having her advice on best places to pop in and out fo for shopping, espresso, and another Aperol Spritz made the day magical.

Postiano, I can’t wait to take in your views again soon. Until next time,

Cheers, Darlings!