Wow, what a time to NOT take for granted the ability to TRAVEL- I hope you all have been following along with one of my favorite accounts @ItalySegreta and all their beautiful posts about Italy and their time during this quarantine. I know as Americans we are in about our second week of this- I know it looks different for everyone but I thought no better time than the present to take a second and recap one of my FAVORITE parts of our Italy trip in September…CAPRI


I have to say Capri truly was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT- we took the ferry from Ravello and it was a little bit of a hassle with our big bags but NOT terrible. as soon as you get off the ferry the initial street is a touch crowded and touristy but we just kinda took in the gorgeous view of the sea and waited for our hotel shuttle.


We decided to stay at Capri Palace and you guys, this place is MAGIC. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy parts of Capri and has it’s own beach club, Il Riccio- not to mention the service and accommodations are just STUNNING. I honestly felt like a celebrity, haha.

I have to say one of the MAIN reasons we decided to stay at Capri Palace was because of the access to their beach club Il Riccio. It was so nice to just schedule a ride from the hotel and be at our own little oasis where we could swim, eat, drink and listen to music in THE MOST GORGEOUS setting. We pretty much did this EVERY day that we were in Capri.


Like I said, our main plan for Capri was to really utilize the beach club , but we knew we wanted to go to some fun apertivo spots, shop a little (the shopping in Capri is unreal), dinner, gelato, and our BIG PLAN was to rent a boat one day and end at La Fontelina Beach Club.

I know I have said this before but we are not over planners on trips we really LOVE to be able to just, “see where the day takes us” and typically plan one or two outings for the day and let the rest be up in the air. So this list is not giant and definitely does not hit all that Capri has to offer but everything on this we FELL IN LOVE WITH.


Capri Palace

JK Place Capri

*we stopped here before dinner for a drink and it’s SO stunning- the boutique hotel feels like something out of an interior design magazine and the views for apertivo are breathtaking.


Da Paolina



I have to say this was our FAVORITE dinner in Capri- the scene is SO fun! Everyone is dressed so cute and the food is AMAZING, not to mention the walls covered in all the famous people who have been before. Such a iconic staple in Capri.

Il Riccio

La Fontelina



They really do give you the Prada tote with your purchase! Its such a good excuse to splurge a little while on vacay because you get two things for the price of one!


We arranged with our hotel concierge to help us rent a boat and driver for the day to take us all around Capri- This was SUCH A SPECIAL DAY. And probably the one thing that I will say you HAVE to do. We brought rose and beers on the boat and would just randomly jump in the water and swim thru the lagoons and then ended the day at La Fontelina the iconic beach club that is just MAGICAL.

I loved the ability to dress up in a cute dress and block heel sandals but throw my wet, sea hair in a bun and just do minimal makeup for this part of our trip- it really FELT like vacation. Comfort was key, but also pops of color like light blue and yellows

Zack, take me back…

My loves, this drive down memory lane was WAY too much fun but it did make the current global situation happening with COVID-19 that much more REAL.

Don’t forget if you want to help Italy during this time, my friends of @Italysegreta have a link to help with funds for hospital beds and more, just follow thru HERE

Cheers, Darlings!